How To Blur A video On CapCut?

How To Blur A video On CapCut

CapCut is one of the most popular video editing apps that you can download on your android device. Many people like CapCut because it is simple and easy to use and it also offers a lot of features.

The blur effect is the ultimate effect for every video editor out there. It really improves the quality of the video. Because you can simply blur any unwanted object in your frame. With the help of the CapCut app, you can blur your background, any object, or a whole video. This mobile app is quite powerful to do all these things. Let’s jump in and learn how you can blur a video.

How To Blur A Video On CapCut?

Read the following steps to blur the video:

  1. Open the Capcut application on your android device and create a new project.
  2. Select the video to edit with the blur effect. Tap the video and then click Add from your gallery.
  3. After that, you can tap on Effects on the bottom panel.
  4. Then tap on the Video Effect and under the different tabs scroll over to the lens and scroll down and tap on blur.
  5. If you have selected the Blur effect, you can tap the checkmark in the right corner.
  6. The blur effect will be added to the timeline and you can swipe right or left. You can also extend the blur effect from the beginning of the video to the end of the video by sliding the white stripe to the right.
  7. Then save by clicking the up arrow in the upper right corner.

How To Blur The Video Background In CapCut?

  • First, open up the app and create a new project.
  • Now select the video you want to edit.
  • Once you import the video in CapCut timeline, go to effect in the bottom panel and tap on video effect. Now under the different tabs tap on basic and find the blur effect.
  • Next, select the effect and drag it till the end of the video. You can also maintain the blur level by tapping on Adjust at the bottom panel.
  • Now go back to your timeline and tap on the Overlay button then tap on ADD Overlay. Once your photo gallery will open you have to select the same video that you imported earlier.
  • After that go to the bottom panel and scroll right until you find the cutout button. Tap on it then hit remove background and wait till the app removes the background from your video.
  • Once it’s done you can adjust the video and make it a little bit bigger than the first video so that it has a better effect.
  • At last, you can export the video to your photo gallery and share it on other social media.

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How To Blur Only Certain Parts Of The Video?

It’s obvious you don’t want to show some parts of your video because of privacy concerns. Sometimes the other person doesn’t like to be on the video so where we can blur their face. Even we record some sensitive information by mistake which we can blur as well. So follow the steps to blur such parts from your video:

  • Open the app then tap on create new project and select the video.
  • To blur certain parts of the video open the overlay menu first. Tap on add Overlay and insert the same video as the main video.
  • Resize this overlay video in line with the size of the main video. Tap the back button and go to effect in the bottom panel and tap on video effect. Now under the different tabs tap on basic and find the blur effect.
  • Now stretch the blur effect till the end of the video.
  • Next, tap on the object at the bottom panel and tap on Overlay to apply the blur effect to the overlay video.
  • Open the overlay menu again and tap the video layer in the timeline. Then open the mask menu.
  • Select the mask shape to blur the object of the video. Next, adjust the position and shape of the mask so that it can blur the object perfectly.
  • You can also adjust the level of blur with the button. Swipe up to make it more blurry.

How To Add A Keyframe For The Blur Shape?

If the video object is moving you can add a keyframe for the blur shape. Here’s how to do it:

  • At the start of the video add a keyframe by tapping on the diamond button.
  • Drag the timeline until the objects are visible.
  • Add another keyframe. Reopen the mask menu and adjust the position of the blur shape again until it covers the object.
  • Do it like that until the video ends.

Final Thought

At this point, you can easily blur videos, faces, and backgrounds. You can even do more just by using the CapCut. It’s not difficult but it’s not easy as well. So follow every step and do it by yourself. You will nail the blur effect on your video.

These tips are very easy to understand even if you are a beginner in editing. In addition, with Capcut you can make other cool videos.

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