How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram?

How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms in the world. Many users have downloaded and installed it on their phones. With these fantastic features, Instagram is easy to use. It introduced some privacy features that you can apply. Today I’m going to walk you through how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram. It’s pretty quick and simple, let’s jump in.

Thanks to these features it will limit or remove some unpleasant comments, and unknown followers. It also protects your content meanwhile they cannot send you any messages. Because you put them in restricted mode, or you just blocked them for a while.

Is it permanently restricting someone’s comment on IG as well? let’s find out.

What Does Restrict Mean On Instagram?

Restricted accounts are a new way that Instagram just ruled out. Instead of an individual having to block somebody they can restrict them. Which limits that individual’s presence on their Instagram.

To find that we’re going to go to our profile and then tap on the three lines at the top. Now go to settings and then go to privacy and then you’re gonna go down to restricted accounts. Once you’ll tap on continue there would be the list of accounts that you’ve restricted.

By searching someone on the search bar you can restrict anyone. Once you’ll restrict someone they won’t be able to see whether you’re online or offline. It limits his/her ability to contact or see you. They can still look at your stories. It doesn’t fully block them from your account but it does restrict them.

If you want to un-restrict them then go ahead and click un-restrict simple as that.

How To Know When Someone Restricted You On IG?

Privacy features that are proved well by Instagram and can protect your account from particular followers. You don’t give any attention to these followers due to you are not into it. So what does it mean if you are restricted by someone on IG?

There is no way to know that you are being restricted by someone on Instagram. You still can use your Instagram as usual. It is quite hard to determine rather than blocking someone on Instagram. There is another way to know that you are being blocked from someone.

What is a restriction on IG look like? If you got a restriction from a specific person, or maybe from Instagram itself. Then this article rather knows how you got restricted. That is the key point. You might not be able to post anything on Instagram.

In general, you can post anything on IG if you haven’t restricted. But there is also one more thing if you cannot post any stories or you are not able to load the App itself. If you find these conditions, then your account is restricted by Instagram.

How To Know If Someone Restricted You on Instagram Comments?

When you are being restricted by someone or Instagram itself, you will still be able to see other comments. But your comments are restricted as well. You can make comments and give some like to other users.

Your comments are hidden due to restrictions by another user that report your comments to be restricted. It means that your comments can not be seen by another user. But you still can see your comments.

It depends on users who restricted both your account and your previous comments. They have the right to approve or deny your comment. It is easy to check whether your comment is restricted or not.

If you think you make comments that usually can be seen by other people on Instagram. Then immediately check if your comments do not appear usually. Use another account to see your comment. Or you can ask your friend to search your comments. If you do not find it or see the comments from the second account. Then both your Instagram account and your comments are restricted.

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Final Thought

You get peace of mind when you restrict a stalker or a person you don’t want to see around. As we all know online territory is full of stalkers and spammers. To avoid all this we have this feature where we restrict all these people. But the same thing can turn around for us. If someone restricted us then we can take some measures to find out whether someone restricted us or not. Follow my guide as I have mentioned above.

If you guys have any comments or questions let us know, leave a comment below.

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