How To Stream HBO Max On Discord?

How To Stream HBO Max On Discord?

Nowadays streaming movies and TV Shows are so common that many people are watching online more than they do on Television. Streaming websites such as Netflix and HBO Max are popular services to choose from. You might be wondering about how to stream movies from HBO Max and use the streaming platforms such as Discord to stream the shows to your friends. In this article, I’ll show you how to stream your content through Discord. Keep reading to find out!

Can I Stream HBO Max On Discord?

Well, you can stream HBO max without any problem. It will stream just fine with sound and without a black screen.

However, there seems to be a problem if you would like to stream on Discord. It seems that they don’t want to deal with copyrighted content abuse. If Discord offered this feature, then people would stream any content and thus it could get Discord in trouble.

On the other hand, HBO forbids users from taking screenshots, screen recording their content, or any other unauthorized activity. So there are no direct ways to stream your shows via Discord legally. While streaming HBO max on any platform can get you in trouble. So be careful!

How To Stream HBO Max On Discord?

  • First, open your browser and you have to open HBO Max on your browser.
  • After that, open your Discord then click on “user settings” and click on “advanced” from there you have to disable the hardware acceleration.
  • Once you disable that Discord will restart. Now go to your browser and click on the three dots icon at the top right corner. Then click on settings and search for hardware.
  • Next, you have to disable the hardware acceleration on your browser as well.
  • After turning it off go back to your Discord and click on “user settings” then scroll down and click on activity status and now here you have to add a game.
  • So click on “add it” and select your browser.
  • After that, open the server where you want to stream the HBO max. First, open your HBO tab and then open your discord.
  • Now click on stream google chrome then select music and click on go live. You can now see HBO max streaming on Discord.

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Final Thoughts

Discord is an all in one place to chat, play games, and for a lot more stuff. Since we discovered in this article that we can stream HBO Max as well. We just need to turn off hardware acceleration on both our browser and Discord. Then we have to add our browser to the activity status. At last, go to your server and click on stream google chrome, and select sound before you go live.

Hope this article helps you. If you have doubts let me know in the comments below!

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