How to Use Zoom Meeting on Roku TV?

Zoom Meeting on Roku TV

There has been increasing interest in the use of Cloud Meetings to enable more personalized education and learning. One of the prominent apps that we use today is Zoom. Many people like remote calls as it gives you an edge to be productive during a meeting. You can communicate regardless of your physical location and stay on top of the agenda.

These days people prefer to use a bigger screen to attend their meetings and it is possible to use Zoom Meeting on your Roku TV. As if now the Zoom app is not available Roku Channel store. But you can still use Zoom on Roku TV through Screen casting feature.

How to Use Zoom Meeting on Roku TV?

In order to screen casting your device to Roku TV, you need to make sure both Roku and your device have been connected to the same internet. If you don’t see Roku stick on your mobile or other devices then it means you didn’t set up the screen mirror option in Roku or you haven’t connected to the same internet. Let’s find out how you can screen cast your device.

Zoom Meetings on Roku TV Via iOS Device

  • First, go ahead and hit the home button.
  • Next, scroll down and go over to the Settings bar.

Make sure that you’re on the latest software update. To do so you need to go to System and then go to system update. Once it has been checked you can move forward.

  • Under the settings scroll down again and click on ‘Apple Airplay and Home Kit.’ It’ll take you to the Airplay settings.
  • On Airplay settings your Airplay option should be on.
  • Now head over to your iOS device. Then swipe down from the top right corner and it will bring up the menu. You’ll see a dual monitor icon which is Screen Mirroring.
  • Tap on that and it will show the option to choose Roku Streaming Stick. Then choose Roku Streaming Stick.
  • Next, your device will ask for the code that you can see on the TV. Then type in the same code on your iOS device.
  • At last within a few seconds, it will start mirroring on your TV.
  • You can now open your Zoom app on your iOS device and start your meeting. It will mirror your meeting on your Roku TV.

Zoom Meetings on Roku TV Via Android Device

  • First, go to your Roku TV home screen. Then you need to scroll down and choose the Settings option.
  • Now find ‘System‘ in the settings menu and press ok. Then select Screen Mirroring.
  • Make sure you have the default setting to “Prompt” on the Screen Mirroring Mode option.
  • Once you’re done you’re gonna head over to your android device. Now drag down on the top right corner to see your notification panel. So go ahead and select your Screencast option.
  • On the list of your available devices, you’ll see Roku Streaming. Make sure you select that.
  • Over to your Roku TV, you’ll see a Prompt on your screen. Where you need to select allow or always allowed.
  • After that, it will start mirroring your Android device on Roku TV.
  • You can open your Zoom app on your Android device and start your meeting. It will start mirroring your meeting on your Roku TV.

Zoom Meetings on Roku Via PC

Note: Please make sure you have connected to the same network on a computer and android tv to avoid any type of error.

  • First, go to your computer home screen and click on the notification button at the bottom right corner.
  • It will bring up all the options and you have to click on connect and then as you can see it’ll bring up the different Roku devices.
  • Now get back to your Roku TV and accept the Prompt.
  • To do that choose allow.
  • At last, open the Zoom app or website on your Windows. Then sign in to your account and start your meeting with co-workers or employees.

Is There a Zoom App For Roku? How Can I Download and Install The Zoom App On Roku?

The Zoom app is officially not available on Roku Channel Store. But you can install Zoom and use it on any other device. It seems you cannot watch your Zoom meeting on Roku TV Through an app.

There is a simple process for that to watch your Zoom meeting on Roku TV by Screen casting. You can Screen cast from any device either your phone or computer.

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Final Thought

It’s really great to display everybody on a big TV instead of just looking at a little screen. Also, if you’re working from home. So having a big TV on the wall of your meeting room is a great option. If you have a Roku device then it is much easier to cast your meeting on your Roku TV.

Turn on your mirror option on Roku. Then head over to your device and find the cast or mirror option and start scanning devices. You see Roku Stick tap on it and start mirroring. At last, open the Zoom app and rotate your screen to horizontal. That’s it.

Hope this article will help you. Let me know your thoughts in the comment below!

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