Best Linktree Alternatives For Social Media Marketing

Best Linktree Alternatives For Social Media Marketing

Linktree is one of the most popular social media marketing tools of today. It is a great tool for building your social media presence online. With the free version, you do have unlimited links icons and you can customize your link. Their Pro plan comes at $6 per month. You can get access to more customization integrations with websites like google analytics and more detailed insights. I’ve listed down some of the best alternatives to LinkTree that you can start using in your social media profiles.

One link simply isn’t enough for some people. What happens when you have multiple places or links that you want to direct people to? That’s where the “link in bio” inspired websites and services have become more and more popular. But if you had one place to host all of your links you can do more with one link. Here are some options each with its pros and cons for you to decide which one will work best for you.

The reason why you should use a link in bio tool rather than pushing people to one single link. Because you can link all your different content and offers in one place.

Quick Comparison Between Linktree And Its Alternatives

LinktreePro – $6 per monthEasy to use.
Easy to set up.
LynkFirePro – $3 per monthHave a really good enticing “link in bio” feature.
ContactInBioBusiness – $7 per month
Enterprise – $28 per month
Huge customization options.
Display many links on social networks.
TapLinkPro – 2$ per month
– $4.50 per month
Best for Instagram influencers to drive more leads or sales.
ShorbyStart plan – $9 per month
Pro plan – $29 per month
Agency plan – $99 per month
It’s super simplistic.
You can display a lot of links on social networks.
CampsiteBioCampsite Pro – $7 per monthHave a huge amount of customization features.
Linkin.BioLater’s Growth plan $25 per monthPlan out your Instagram feed and schedule posts.
Good for product businesses.
MilkShakeFreeA free mini website creator.
Direct.meFreeAccess all premium features for Free.
ZnaplinkPro – $10 per monthUnlimited Links.
Email collection widget.
Link Thumbnails.
Solo.toPersonal – $1 per month
Entrepreneur – $5 per month
Professional – $10 per month
Features a responsive page design.
Scheduled up to 10 links for free.
KojiFreeEasy to set up and use.
Create your own Tip Jar with Koji.

Best Linktree Alternatives

There are several other “link in bio” tools that you can try for free. Some tool gives you an extra feature in their free version and a few of them don’t. Some will you charge you less and others could be a little pricey. You can keep all these things into consideration before using any link in bio tool. Here I’ve listed down some of the alternatives for Linktree that are worth giving a shot at.



LynkFire is completely free to sign up. It has gone above and beyond with its features. They offer more than Linktree itself which is simply amazing. It’s not every day that you come across a free alternative that blows the others out of the water.

When comparing LynkFire with Linktree and most of its alternatives. LynkFire stands out as having put a lot of effort into aesthetics. If you’re hoping to maintain a professional look with your social media marketing.

It is way cheaper than Linktree. It cost you about half what Linktree charges. You can upgrade your plan for $6 per month.



ContactInBio is pretty much a clone of Linktree and as with Linktree, you can display many links on social networks. It’s actually cheaper than Linktree which is a good standout point. Their monthly plan is only $4.99 at the current time which is a few dollars cheaper.

They both serve the same purpose they also offer a free plan. The free plan has reduced functionality similar to Linktree. But ultimately that’s a recurring thing with most of these LinkTree alternatives. The companies have to keep themselves afloat somehow because they have to make a profit.


If you’re an Instagram influencer and you’re looking to drive more leads or sales. Then Taplink is probably the best option for you. They’re certainly focused on Instagram marketing. Although you can probably use their link on whatever social media profile. So you could use it on your Twitter or your TikTok account if you want to.

It’s very simple to set up which is good because everyone needs something easy. They’ve got one of the most competitive pricing structures. Because Taplink is far cheaper than LinkTree. But the subscription periods are a little bit longer. So you have to subscribe for a longer period than you would with Linktree.

You could see subscription fees as low as $2 per month. Which is the grand scale of things for a premium application.



With Shorby you don’t have to do much. Just go to their site fill in your profile and you’re done! It’s super simplistic which I really like about it. It supports messengers too which is a really good selling point. Because it gives a way for your audience to have direct contact with you if you want that. So if you wanted to share your telegram or your Facebook messenger you could do this through Shorby.

If you’re a merchant or you sell things online. Then this could be hugely advantageous for you. Because you can just answer people’s questions there. You don’t want any sort of lost customers that would have questions that go unanswered.

It is slightly more expensive which I didn’t like. It does seem far more simplistic and it’s actually around double the price of Linktree. The basic package costs you $15 per month. But if money is no object and if you’re looking for a really simple option then Shorby is a great option for you.



CampsiteBio has a huge amount of customization features. That you can use to make your landing page look nicer.

You can change everything from the fonts to the colors. So you can make the pages look easy with the preset color schemes that they’ve got. Plus they also let you use Canva which is a cool tool. Where you can create simple artwork or social media images.

On top of that, you can use a custom domain so you don’t have to go with their standard link dream style link. You can use your own domain name if you have one. They support multiple integrations of all social media accounts.

It’s also really well priced. It’s around about the same price as Linktree at $7 per month. But in terms of usage, it’s really underpriced. I’d say this is probably one of the best alternatives out there.



Linkin.Bio has a partnership partner with Instagram. They always post the most recent Instagram related blogs. I think they’re proving that Linkin.Bio is an all in one site for Instagram users.

This tool comes with so many cool features where you can plan out your Instagram feed and schedule posts. On top of that, you can put a link your in bio. Their website design for the link in bio features is a little bit different than the other options. It organizes your links through photos that look like an Instagram profile feed.

With its free version, you’re limited to only linking 30 photos. That might be a lot to some people. But over time the more photos you post, the fewer links that you can have connected to those photos.

If you do decide to upgrade your plan to any of their higher three tiers. It is between Fifteen to Forty dollars a month. That investment goes towards their entire platform, not just the link and bio site. So you get access to more features. You can plan your feeds, schedule posts and stories for business accounts, and much more.



I would say that Milkshake is probably the second most popular option. It seems to be a popular favorite in the influencer community.

The Milkshake app takes on a website approach for your link in bio. When setting up your milkshake website you can select different cards. Which are the website pages that you would swipe through like an Instagram story. Since it’s only an app you can not access your milkshake settings, edit or do anything on your laptop. It’s also not available to android users.

The Milkshake app is free with the option to upgrade to $2.99 a month. If you want to get rid of the advertising card that they show on your link then you should for good.



With Direct.me you get access to all premium features that other services charge you for. It is totally a free way to market to all of your followers.

It has vast options to customize your profile. Direct.me also allows you to customize your background. Where you can upload a photo or a pattern or a graphic for the background. With direct.me you’re able to embed videos or music to your landing page. Your followers can also purchase your products directly through direct.me.

You can add a digital product or a physical product, video call, phone call, audio message, premium DMS, or video message. All these things people can purchase through your direct.me link. It’s completely free. I’m not sure whether they add Premium Plans in the future or not. Meanwhile, you can use their services to the fullest.


Znaplink is one of the best alternatives to Linktree. It has a similar interface to Linktree when it comes to adding your social media links to your page. This tool is entirely free with a lot of theme options. With Znaplink you can build a free online page for your links. It offers you an ample amount of features for branding.

You can integrate Znaplink with Facebook Pixel on its free plan. For multiple brands it allows you to create unlimited Pages and Profiles, all from one account only. You pretty much get every essential feature with its free plan. Its Pro Plan will cost you $10 per month with some 4-5 additional features.

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This service is new to our list which you can consider at some point.

The free version of Solo gives you 10 links, which should be enough for most people’s needs. Unlike Linktree, Solo features a responsive page design that looks great on desktops. The free version of Solo forces a thumbnail of the Solo logo next to every link. This bothers me a lot. I feel like it’s a bit much when the Solo logo is already in two other places on the page. I wish the free version would just have no image in favor of a generic button, but this isn’t the biggest deal.

The paid plans are where things get interesting. For $12 a year, you can get 20 links, social buttons, highlighted links, dark mode, and a custom background image. Unfortunately, you still can’t get rid of the Solo logo next to each link, which bugs me. There are also no themes like Linktree offers.

I have mixed feelings about this plan because you’re not really getting rid of the excessive Solo branding by upgrading. But you do get a few extra features to make the page your own. If you wanna spice up the top section with your background image or have highlighted links. Then there would be valid reasons to upgrade your plan.

Solo also has a $6 per month plan which competes directly with Linktree pro. The entrepreneur plan gives you up to 50 links with scheduled links as an option. You can also have up to two unique Solo pages and both will have all the upgraded features.



Koji has been around since 2019. And when it was originally launched, it was meant to be a simple way to create and deploy web apps dramatically. You could create individual Kojis or links that loaded lightning fast.

Recently, Koji has become more popular among influencers and social media users. You can create your own Tip Jar with Koji. A video cameos for a fee or offer locked photos or videos that people can pay to unlock.

Koji also offers interactive customizable games. Social media influencers could let fans compete in a Tap In competition to see who can be the top tapper. Koji was a powerful platform with these applets that could complete basic functions. And now Koji is taking this all a step further by rebranding as a competitor to Linktree.

Moreover, you can do all the things you’d expect from a Link in Biosystem. Import your links from Linktree, customize colors, styles, and fonts, and even have a video or gift background.

Unlike other services, it’s 100% free to use and it offers traditionally premium features, like link thumbnails, completely customizable styling, and gifts.

Why You Should Move To Linktree Alternative

I have been asked this question a lot by people. From my experience, I would say it depends on your preference. Whether you’re fine with its standard link or not. Some people want a custom domain option for their page. But you get excessive branding from Linktree here. Which can be bothersome if you’re trying to build your own brand. If it fulfills your requirement then go for it and if it doesn’t then you have plenty of options here.

Final Thoughts

Well, I have researched and tested some of the tools listed above. Though all I have to say is every tool comes with a different shape and size. The common feature you get is a “link in bio” tool.

The difference here is that every tool has unique customization options. Users get to choose themes, backgrounds, color palettes, and much more as they want to be. Pricing is also a major factor to choose a reasonable service. Or instead, you can go for a free service.

If you have any more suggestions or you want to get a question answered please drop a comment down below.

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