How To Get Every Discord Badge?

How To Get Every Discord Badge

You’ve probably noticed a few new badges popping up in your Discord server. These badges are a fun way of showing off your achievements, and they’re a great way to keep track of your progress and the milestones you reach. They’re also a great way to discover new features and content. The best thing about Discord badges is that you don’t even have to be an advanced user to earn them — everyone can get in on the fun! This guide will show you how to get every Discord badge.

How To Get Every Discord Badge?

Nitro Badge

The first badge I will mention is the Nitro badge. How do you get it?

Well, it’s simple a Discord user buys Nitro or receives it as a gift. The badge will automatically add to your profile once you buy it. The badge will be lost if someone’s Nitro subscription expires.

Early Supporter

The Early Supporter Badge was given to people who purchased Nitro before October 10th, 2018. This badge is no longer obtainable now.

Even if people with this badge no longer have Nitro, this does not mean they will also lose the badge.

Hypesquad House

Hypesquad House

There are three houses in Hypesquad: Bravery, Brilliance, and Balance. These badges are quite easy to obtain.

  • Go to your account settings and scroll all the way down until you see Hypesquad.
  • Click on Join Hypesquad Discord. It will give you a five question quiz, where you will answer truthfully.
  • Once you are done with the quiz, Discord will assign you to one of the three houses depending on how you answer.

You can always switch houses by just taking the test again, or simply leaving Hypesquad at any time.

Hypesquad Events

Hypesquad Events is a rare badge that was given to people who attend Hypesquad conventions. This badge is currently unobtainable but believed to come back soon. To apply for Hypesquad once it opens, go to discord.com/hypesquad to apply.

Early Verified Bot Developer

It is impossible to get an Early Verified Bot Developer badge. Originally, it was obtained by having at least one verified bot. But, due to multiple spam submissions for bot verification. Discord decided to remove it, and it is now gone for good. However, I would like to see it make a comeback, though.

Server Boosting

The server boosting badges are easy to get. All you have to do is boost a server. The longer you boost the same server, the more the badge evolves. As of 2022, here are the current server boosting badges.

Server Boosting Badges

The top tier badge is the diamond crystal badge. Which you get after boosting the same server for twenty-four months, or two years.

Partnered Server Owner

The Partnered Server Owner badge is given to the owners of servers that are Discord Partnered.

To apply for a partnership, your server must have at least 500 members. It should be at least eight weeks old. Along with that pass the required server activity requirements. Contain no profanity in its name, and have two-factor authentication enabled for moderators.

Bug Hunter

The Bug Hunter badge is very rare and has a complicated way to get it.

  • First, you have to join the Discord Testers server.
  • Pass the Bug Hunter quiz.
  • Get a certain amount of bugs you find approved.

There is also a gold variation of the badge that is even rarer. You can obtain this badge by maintaining activity for over six months. Also having either a certain amount of bugs approved or successfully helping out on Discord focus tests. It is obtained alongside the main bug hunter badge.

Certified Moderator

The Certified Moderator Badge is awarded to moderators who know the real deal. They understand the rules and guidelines. The way of getting it is also quite long and complicated.

  • First, you have to study the Discord Moderator Academy.
  • Take and pass the Moderator Academy exam.
  • Join the Discord Moderator’s community.
  • Become an active, engaged, and contributing member of the Discord Moderation community.

After three months of performing these traits, you are eligible to get the badge but are not guaranteed to receive it.

Discord Staff

Discord Staff badge is only obtained by people who work at Discord’s office in San Francisco, California. Only staff have this badge.

Maybe you can get it. If you want to, go to discord.com/jobs and apply for a position.

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How To Get Custom Discord Badges

3 Sets Of Customized Badges

There were 3 sets of custom badges that were released in past.

First, we had gold versions of the Hypesquad house badges. The next set was a colorful version of the Hypesquad house badges. The last one was a crown on the top Hypesquad house badges. It was really cool. These are the three sets I’d like to talk about.

Now you may be wondering what these are? Well, they’re basically special badges that discord created for the Hypesquad houses for events that they host every so often.

Gold Badge

The gold one came about in December 2018 and was related to the Snowsgiving event that discord did. Basically, the Hypesquad house that donated the most to child’s play would receive the gold Hypesquad house badge for the month of January. now, this is only one example.

Colorful Badges

In June 2019 the colorful set of badges came out and they related to pride month. Discord had set up another Hypesquad house event. Where whoever donated the most amount of money would get the special badge for the entirety of July.

King of the Hat Badge

The crown badge came out in February 2019 and had related to the king of the hat game on discord. The house that won the most or collected the most points get the badge.

How To Get It?

How do you actually get one of these down the line? Well, it’s pretty simple.

  • First of all, you want to go into your user settings.
  • Go to Hypesquad and join Hypesquad and be part of a house.

Pro Tip: I would suggest you get into the House of Balance. Because the house of balance won every single Hypesquad house event. They’re the biggest house so basically they win the most.

If you want a custom badge then try and get into Hypesquad’s house of balance.

  • Take a test of five questions, the multiple choice four answers each, and you get into a house. You can take it multiple times to get into different.
  • Once you’re in you’ll have a badge on your profile and it’s going to be the standard badge for the time being.
  • Then what you need to do is make sure you’re signed up for the emails. Hypesquad newsletters very frequently tell you about the events that are going on.

So if you sign up for the newsletters you’ll know when the next thing is coming up. Then what you do is you try and help your house get it.

If it’s by donating money and you don’t have any money to donate then fine. But if you want to try and help your house get it then try and do it. It could be a game tournament that Discord does, it could be donation stuff or it could be other events. That is basically the main concept.

Final Thought

The Discord community has grown a lot over the past few years. As the platform has evolved, so have the ways in which users can interact and engage with one another.

To help users keep track of all their accomplishments. Discord has a series of badges that you can earn based on your activity on the platform. These badges have ranged in theme and purpose. But all badges are designed to encourage users to keep coming back and to keep interacting with their communities.

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