What Does Restrict Mean On Instagram?

What Does Restrict Mean On Instagram

So, we’ve had a lot of questions about what restrict means on Instagram. I figured it out and wanted to discuss with you what it really means.

Every now and then we encounter some uncomfortable comments on social media. There is always a troll that you have come across. Well, people use Instagram on daily basis and probably don’t know how this feature can help them.

If there’s an account that you really don’t want interacting with your own account. Then there are a couple of different things that you can do in order to stop them from having access to your account.

What Happens If You Restrict Someone On Instagram?

The restrict feature allows the user to protect themself and limit the interaction with the person. Well, you can simply limit unwanted interaction without having to block or unfollow someone you know. So, this gives you a brand new set of privacy when it comes to interacting with the account.

  • If you restrict someone then they won’t be able to see when you are online or if you’ve read their messages.
  • You’ll also not receive any sort of notification for future comments from the user.
  • Users will be able to see the stories you post. However, their reactions to stories will appear in the message request box. You can see the comment of user by tapping on See Comment. If you tap on Approve then others will be able to see the comment. If you don’t want anyone to see the comment then you can delete or ignore it.

How to Restrict An Account?

There are several ways to Restrict a profile through an android app or iPhone:

Restrict Someone Through Messages

  • Tap on the messenger icon messenger in the top right of your Feed.
  • Tap on the chat to whom you want to restrict.
  • Once the chat room of the user. Tap on the person’s name at the top of your chat.
  •  At the bottom, you’ll get a few options, then tap on Restrict and then Restrict Account to confirm.

Restrict Someone Through Comments

  • Go to your post and tap on View all comments.
  • If you’re an iPhone user swipe left over the comment or if you’re an android user tap and hold the comment.
  • Tap on the Exclamation icon and then tap Restrict or Unrestrict.

Restrict Someone Through Settings

  • Tap on your profile picture to Go to your profile.
  • Then tap on three horizontal lines Menu in the top right.
  • Tap on Settings and then go to Privacy.
  • Under Connections, tap on Restricted Accounts.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Now search for the account you’d like to restrict and tap on Restrict next to their username, or tap Unrestrict to unrestrict someone.

Restrict Someone Through Their Profile

  • Go to the user profile from their Feed or story post, or search the username to go to their profile.
  • At the top right corner tap on three horizontal dots  if you’re an iPhone user or tap on three vertical dotsif you’re an Android user.
  • Select Restrict, then tap on Restrict Account or Unrestrict.

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What Is The Difference Between Restricting, Blocking, And Muting?


Restricting someone will still give them access to see your profile and the posts you share. Users can even comment on your post or stories. However, it will go to the request message box for your approval.


If you were to block them, it completely removes you from Instagram according to their search engine. If they go looking for your page they will see that you have blocked them. Well, users cannot comment on the post, like, or respond to the stories you share. To them it will look like your page is completely missing or totally deleted.

That is certainly an option to use if you want to cut contact with somebody if you are being harassed or upset by someone.


Instagram has a lot of different options if you don’t want to necessarily see those persons’ stories or their posts or whatnot. You can unfollow them, block them or you could restrict them.

You can also mute them and the nice thing about muting them is that it still shows that you’ve followed the person. If they check your profile it’ll still show the other person that you follow them.

However, you won’t necessarily see their posts or stories when they post them and you don’t have to see their content. So it doesn’t hurt their feelings that you don’t want to see their content. They will never know that you won’t be bothered by them.

If You Restrict Someone Will They Know?

It doesn’t make any difference when you restrict someone on Instagram. It will be difficult to say if someone restricts us since all things remain the same. The only thing user can notice is that the interaction between the two users is becoming less.

If the users interact frequently with each other then it is possible to figure out. Since an IG user won’t be able to see their online status. Along with that, they won’t get any notification, and their comments straight go to the request box.

Does Restricting On Instagram Hide Stories?

Big no, because even after restricting someone they can still watch your stories. If you restrict the other user then it will only limit the interaction between you two.

You can go through their profile and pretty much do anything. But the person who restricted you has the ability to control your action on their account. Such as likes and comments.

However, if anyone wishes to hide you from stories they can do that. Let’s see how you can hide someone from your stories.

How To Hide Instagram Story From Someone?

Why would you want to hide a story from someone? Maybe you have someone who you’re not really friends with anymore. Or it’s your family members and you don’t want them to see what you’re posting. Either way, it’s super quick to do so:

  • So let’s go down to the bottom right hand corner and press your profile photo.
  • From here you’re going to go to the upper right hand corner and tap on three lines.
  • Now press the first option “settings” and then hit “privacy.”
  • Next, under the Privacy menu go down to where it says “Story.” In the first option, it says “hide story from” so go ahead and tap on that.
  • At last, you’ll see a list of your followers and you can just tap on them to hide your story. Once you’ve selected the user press “done” and you have hidden your story from those people.

If You Restrict Someone On Instagram Can They See Your Likes?

They can definitely see your likes on any post. Matter of fact they can scroll through your post and they can give you a like on any of your posts.

It doesn’t have anything to do if someone looks through your profile. It only restricts you from interacting with that person.

Final Thoughts

I hope that everyone is safe out there and no one is being harassed online. But if something gets a little bit too far remember you can always report them to Instagram. Your safety should certainly come first.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any doubts. Till then stay safe!

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