7 Best Games Like Terraria You Love To Play

7 Best Games Like Terraria You Love To Play

Terraria is probably my favorite game of all time. I’m constantly searching for new games that’ll give me the same sense of action and adventure. In this list, I’ve picked out the seven best games that feel very similar to Terraria. I’ve tried to make the list as varied as possible.

These Are The 7 Best Games Like Terraria:

1. Starbound


The closest game on this list to the Terraria experience is definitely Starbound. Instead of being confined to one world like in Terraria. Starbound allows you to explore an entire universe of planets. The game starts out by letting you choose your species from a variety of aliens or humans. Then sets you out to explore the galaxy.

It’s been widely debated about which game is better? but the short answer is that Terraria and Starbound are both great games in their own ways. Starbound has much more to explore and has a prettier art style. Wherein Terraria is far ahead in combat and progression. You can both upgrade and decorate the spaceship. Which you can use to traverse the galaxy or build bases on various planets.

A great way to describe Starbound is that it’s no man’s sky combined with Terraria. Starbound’s diverse building and customization are also better than Terraria’s. People who prefer the building aspect might actually enjoy it a little bit. It’s an infinite universe of Terraria-like gameplay. Which makes it a perfect substitute if you want a game like it.

2. Steam World Dig 

Steam World Dig

Steam World Dig 1 and 2 are mining games focused on exploring and mining the underground. They are more story-focused than the other games on this list and also much shorter than the others but they are both a ton of fun to play.

The game is somewhat like Spelunky. But you’re able to unlock tons of upgrades and better equipment for your character. As you progress you’ll get sharper pickaxes, speed boots, and other mining accessories. Even though both Steam World dig games are linear they feel like the open-world style.

Since you choose where you want to mine the caverns and other challenges to solve. The mining and exploration feel similar to Terraria as well as the sense of progression you get as you play it. Steam World Dig may not be as much of a sandbox as Terraria but both Steam World Dig 1 and 2 are worth playing.

3. Stardew Valley 

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a very similar art style to Terraria. But focuses on growing a farm rather than beating bosses. The player can build a farm to be whatever. You can either focus on growing crops or collecting animals.

There are tons of other activities that you can do in the world of Stardew Valley. You can do fishing, explore the mines, play games in the arcade, and create relationships with the townspeople.

Stardew valley has a depth and charm that definitely makes it stand out above other games. Since its primary focus isn’t on the action.

It brings a much more relaxed and peaceful style of gameplay. You can even have a few friends join in your world and build their own houses. The co-op experience is really good. The game’s story is fun to play and it’s cool to see how your farm and town develop over the course of the game. If you want a game that’s both relaxing and in-depth this is the perfect choice for you.

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4. Spelunky 


Spelunky is a side-scrolling roguelike game focused on exploring caverns and fighting off monsters. It’s a much older game than the others on this list but it still has a large fan base of people who absolutely love the game.

Spelunky is a difficult game but it keeps your attention easily. Since there are plenty of creatures and traps to watch out for. The player gets an Indiana Jones style character with a whip and uses bombs to blow up the terrain around them.

Spelunky’s fame comes from the fact that there are so many things to do in the game. There are so many secrets hidden beneath the surface. While it may look like a simple mining platform.

There are hundreds of different strategies for completing levels. As well as items to collect and puzzles to solve. It doesn’t have any building mechanics like Terraria. But Spelunky gives you the same sense of exploration and mystery that Terraria does.

If you’re into roguelikes with lots of depth Spelunky is a great game to play.

5. Don’t Starve 

Don't Starve

The gameplay is quite different from Terraria. It has a lot of similarities to survive the nights and seasons. Slowly building up a base camp all while combating monsters with their own insanity.

One major difference is on Terraria is that its perma-death. If you decide that you don’t like the permadeath gameplay. Then you can get mods that allow you to respawn every time.

The combat style of the game is quite different from others. It’s more focused on survival rather than fighting. It becomes much more combat-focused later on in the game. Once you have a good base system established in the game. You’ll get an insane amount of content and DLC adds even more. So Don’t Starve is definitely a good Terraria alternative.

6. Noita 


Noita is a 2D roguelike game that plays very similarly to Terraria. Its main feature is the destructible terrain and the amazing simulated physics. In this game, you play as a wizard with a variety of different wands and potions. Well, every wand you get has a different ability.

The game will let you customize what powers the wands should have. Also, there are tons of different elements you can apply to wands such as fire or acid. You can use these elements with explosive terrain items to destroy your enemies. When you die in the game you restart the game from the beginning so it’s different every time you restart.

At the bottom of every level is a portal that’ll take you to a safe zone where you can buy wands and spells. The safe zone also gives you a free perk to increase your survivability.

This game feels extremely similar to exploring caves like Terraria. The simulated liquids also give the game some really cool physics. If you’re looking for a game that gives you a similar feel to Terraria. But doesn’t require a huge time commitment then Noita is the game to get.

7. Forager 


Forager is a unique game and it draws heavy inspiration from the original legend of Zelda games. The basic idea of the game is that you constantly farm. The ever-spawning resources that’ll help you progress.

You start out by farming on a small island until you get enough money to unlock the surrounding islands. As you progress through the game you get better pickaxes and swords. The higher level you are the more processes you can automate. Such as building banks that slowly generate money.

Over time the island will grow to massive sizes and it will become insanely powerful. Forager is a cool game that is actually addicting. Although the islands are not randomly generated. They spawn in different places every time.

Some of the islands have puzzles to solve that can actually be quite challenging. Other islands have a chest to unlock or a dungeon to explore. Forager definitely isn’t a hard game but it’s very satisfying to see how you progress from a basic island to a massive area. Its method of unlocking new areas is also quite unique. I really like how it implemented this new way of exploring.

So what did you think about this list? I know there are tons of other games like Terraria so, if you think of one definitely let me know in the comments.

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