Best Games Like Roblox You Love To Play

Had your fill of Roblox and want more? Here are the games like Roblox you should play next on pc. Let’s make something quite clear there’s no game that’s identical to Roblox. It’s a perfectly unique blend of creativity building. Directly experiencing what’s lurking inside your friend’s imagination. It is exciting and sometimes scary as other games with the same sense of wonder and interactivity. Here are nine games you need to play if you feel like it’s time to play something else.

9 Best Games Like Roblox You Love To Play

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is going to be top of our list because it’s one of the most successful games in the world. You can think of a better blocky experience to share with friends. I hate to go Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory on you but this is a world of pure imagination.

Turn on creative mode and stop worrying about mining at night because Minecraft is the ultimate creative tool. You can settle down to reconstruct your favorite worlds on your own.

When you get together with friends and build cooperatively it gives you the ultimate social experience too.

2. Lego Worlds

Speaking of blocky building sims let’s switch it up to bricky building sims instead. Lego Worlds is the most obvious gaming version of the planet’s favorite building toy. We had years of some of the best movie and tv adaptations. Lego worlds proved itself as not just a worthwhile Minecraft competitor. But its very own buildable beast.

This is of course a sandbox where you can create whatever you want without the limitations of your bank account or your local lego store. But there’s also a campaign for you to discover all your talents.

Becoming a master builder is about finding out what kinds of construction tools you have. Then make the most of them one at a time or ignore them entirely like a digital version of your much-loved box of plastic. Lego Worlds is waiting for you to do the hard bits but always make sure it’s never a chore.

3. Creativerse

If you love Roblox then you’ll want a game to match your imagination. At first, Creativerse might seem similar to Minecraft.

You start on a square filled field with trees around you and then you collect and craft. What makes creative earth so special is how detailed you can get with the construction tools. There are far more items to collect than in Minecraft. You have a serious arsenal of wood vines and whatever else the cuddly creatures you beat with a club dropped.

If it seems too much to build a whole castle with your own two wooden blocks. Then there are masses of blueprints with ready-to-build structures to populate. Your world or just head to someone else’s to explore everything from medieval towns to mysterious houses.

4. Trove

Trove is another blocky adventure that shows just how fun being cuboid can be made up of many biomes. You can explore everything from forests and snowy mountains to cursed lands and sweet-filled paradises. Once your sightseeing and mushroom slaying is done. You can delve into the many dungeons to battle.

All the cool stuff you discover can be stored in your customizable house. It can also be taken anywhere with you so you don’t need to remember where you left it.

Trove is all about colorful creativity. Players can make all kinds of weird and wonderful outfits tools and items. or even the dungeons you explore themselves. Best of all though it is free to play so you can pick up your blocky sword and head out for adventure without spending a cent.

5. Staxel

Here we are again with another great game made from our favorite shapes but it is in no way a clone of any others on this list. Staxel all stands on its own two square legs. You start taking on an empty farm learning how to tend the land and most importantly building the life you want.

What makes Staxle stand out from other block-based games and farming sims? It has a huge catalog of customization.

If Roblox is your favorite game for getting creative. Then you’ll love building the town and filling it with furniture and decorations of all kinds. The world is fully destructible and rebuildable. Everything looks great too with bright flowers and crackling fires welcoming you at every turn.

Of course! you can invite friends to build and play in the world you’ve created or get them to work in your fields.

6. No Man’s Sky

It’s a little different from the other buildable treats on this list. No Man’s Sky has evolved over the years to embrace construction and more importantly friends. As part of 2019 beyond the update, the added creature riding to proceedings Hello game’s dedication to multiplayer play across an infinite galaxy finally came to fruition.

The game feels truly alive with both real players and NPCS to trade with at outposts. Now available on cross-platform you can play across consoles and pc. This endless universe now feels like there are other real people out there too.

It’s easier than ever to build a unique base and for your friends to come over and visit. Whether you’re popping between planets with pals or spending time documenting the unique flora and fauna. No man’s sky feels like the living space sim it was always meant to be.

7. Terraria

One of the things we love most about Roblox is the breadth of possibility. You can sign in and end up anywhere. You can play anything for that sense of creativity and adventure. Terraria is a great place to start. A player begins in a randomly generated world with tools in your hand and total freedom.

You can explore, discover secrets and destroy anything in sight. The last part is my favorite it can be a solo trip to get lost or you can meet up with friends to trade and fight as you please.

At first, the pixels might make it look simple but Terraria’s world is complex, exciting, and alive. The stuff you can build in it is seriously amazing. One walk through the builder’s workshop will confirm that and just like Roblox. If you want to lose hours of your day, there are all kinds of cool maps to join.

8. Satisfactory

Satisfactory is an open-world 3D first-person game. It centered around building and automating efficient factories. This is a rich and inventive playground of exploration and advanced machinery. When you first start the game you dropped onto a desolate alien planet to construct complex factories.

Whether you’re playing alone or with friends but satisfactory is the kind of game where you see endless hours of creativity. Harvesting nature becomes ludicrously alluring as you can set things in motion to sit back and watch the automated action.

9. Fortnite

If you love heading into Roblox for some bricky fun with friends then battling it out with them in Fortnite is the next best thing. It’s bright and brilliant to look out for some of the best skins to pick from or get.

The various battle modes make working together with friends and sneaking up to kill enemies. It is something you could never tire of. The building ability will likely make you step away from Roblox for a while.

It’s fast and flexible, meaning you can improvise at a second’s notice. If you ever want more time to think there’s a sandbox mode too. You have free creative rain to destroy and build across the whole island. If you’re playing with friends you’ll probably be most keen to land a few headshots.

Oh, and did I mention? that it’s free and worthy of a victory dance?

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