How Does Snapchat Score Work? How to Increase Your Score

How Does Snapchat Score Work?

We’re going to be discussing how does Snapchat score work and ways that you can improve your snap score. I’ll be helping you out today to improve your snap score.

How Does Snap Score work?

So let’s get a quick understanding of how Snap score works. You earn a point every time when you send or receive a snap. Now please make sure you don’t get this confused with the Snapchat feature and yes that’s what I’m going to be calling it. It’s the blue chat messages and it scores you nothing.

Inside the app the messages that you receive or send you get 1 point per snap. When it comes to video you can earn up to six points depending on how many seconds the video is. If you send a 10-second video which is the purple square you receive one point. But, if you send a 60-second snap you receive 6 points.

Snapchat Score

Now, this also works if you are the receiver of these snaps, whether that be a photo or a video. If it is a photo then you’ll earn one point and if it’s a video you can get between 1 to 6 points depending on the duration. If you are lucky to receive a 60-second video then it’s six points for the sender and also six points for you. So it works in both ways whether you are a sender or a receiver.

Well, this post is also about increasing your Snapchat score. This is the organic way to increase your Snapchat score. So if it isn’t quick enough for you I do apologize. I’m going to be doing it the proper way and not by cheating the system.

5 Tips On How To Increase Snapchat Score

1. Use Your Camera

Tips On How To Increase Snapchat Score

So tip number one is very obvious is to use the camera more often than the chat. I have recently turned into more of a chat guru than a snap guru because I use the chat feature to keep more conversations going. Yes, chats are good and more descriptive, yet, it does not raise or have any effect on your score. If you’re sending videos or photos to your friends you are going to be gaining lots of points daily.

2. Use Snapchat As a Vlogging Platform

Snapchat like a vlogging platform

The next tip to raise your score is to use Snapchat as a vlogging platform. Me and my friends have started vlogging to each other. Which is going to be sending a range of between 20 to 40 second videos to each other. Which could score us between two and four points depending on the duration. Yes, it’s weird and fun but of course, you’ve got more emotion in a video than you do on text. Obviously, you can’t save these videos but that’s the fun of Snapchat. The fact that you can have conversations that aren’t recorded.

3. Take Part in Snapchat Streaks

How To Increase Snapchat Score

My next tip is to take part in Snapchat streaks. If you do take part in streaks with a friend. You can earn more than two guaranteed points a day but it doesn’t mean you have to do streaks with one person. You can have your whole friends list. Snaps streaks do require two people to take part in. If you send a snap to somebody and in return, they send one back to you. You’ll get two points and of course, you get an extra streak to count onto your number. Now just going on to Snapchat streaks if you do not send or receive snaps then one day the score disappears. That does not affect your snap score it just makes that flame of the number disappear.

4. Play Snapchat Games


The next tip to raise your Snapchat score is probably the most fun out of all of them. That’s because you don’t even realize you’re doing it because you’re having too much fun on the app. These Snapchat games are officially called Snappables. If you don’t know where to find them, they are on the left corner of the filter tray when you go for your face filters. These are turn-based selfie games that you play with your actual friends.

These games are pretty fun. Snappables have changed over the last six months. Though they started off very basic and now they’ve upgraded into interactive selfie games which are fantastic. Some Snappables games last up to 12 turns. That’s six for you and six for your friend and 6 plus 6 is 12 and that’s how many points you will earn if you complete a game.

Of course like I said with the streaks you don’t just have to do one game with one person. You can have many games with the same person or many games with different people. These games vary from your traditional board games with a Snapchat spin. You’ll find treasure hunting games where you have to find a puzzle between you and your friends so there are some verses and some team-based games.

5. Start Group Chat

Snapchat group chats

My final tip to earn a score on Snapchat is with group chats. It also depends on how many members you have in a particular group. So if you were planning a holiday with four people and you sent these snaps to four people you’d get four points. If you had a group chat with up to 30 people and you sent a snap out then you can earn up to 30 points.

So to give you guys a quick summary of how group chat scoring works. It’s pretty simple, let’s say we have five friends in the group chat not including ourselves. We took a picture and sent it to these five people in the group. Then we would score five points. But if one of your friends from that group chat sent you a snap then you would only receive one point. Now group chat is a very powerful tool because you can earn a lot of points. Just don’t be that annoying person that adds every single person of their friend’s list just to send loads of snaps to grab points.

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How To Check Your Snap Score?

So these are my tips on how to get organic growth on snap score. You may have your ideas but these are just the best ways to have fun with Snapchat without obsessing over your score. Yes like I said there are apps and BOTS out there that can improve your score by spamming. But there is a healthy side to your score as well as an unhealthy side. Now snap score can actually be divided into what you’ve sent and what you’ve received. That’s why I prefer to do the organic way because your scores are going to be similar on the send and receive side.

How To Check Your Snap Score

It’s pretty simple to see these scores just go to your profile screen and tap onto your score and you’ll see two numbers. The number on the left shows how many snaps you have sent and the number on the right shows how many snaps you’ve received. If these numbers are similar you’ve got a happy medium in terms of sending & receiving which means it’s equal. If you’ve got a dominant number on the left that means you send more snaps than you receive.

Similarly, if you’ve got a dominant number on the right that means you receive more snaps than you send. These are little figures to let you know how many you send and how many you receive. It’s just a combined total at the end of the day and that is what your snap score is.

Final Thoughts

You can’t do anything with a snap score, by the way, it’s pretty much like validation of how much you use the app. Now snap score can earn you a trophy from day one because all you’ve got to do is start sending snaps. But the bigger the score the better the trophy. It goes up in like a rank but again trophies are bragging rights so there you go.

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