How Long Does a TikTok Appeal Take?

How Long Does a TikTok Appeal Take

TikTok is an incredible platform and a culture for much creativity and talent. But every once in a blue moon the tiktok algorithmic overlords step in. And they pull our creations from the public eye. This has been going on for a while now. In fact in the latter half of 2020 alone more than 89 million videos turned down from the platform. Which is way less than one percent of all content uploaded.

Often these removals are for legit reasons. But most of the time these removals don’t make any sense. It’s annoying when you do your best to create content only to get guideline violations at the end of the day.

How You Get TikTok Community Violation

Violation Reported By TikTok

Pre-face community violations can come from TikTok’s AI system. If it detects something offensive in your content. Then it will be against the community guidelines.

Violation Reported By User

These happen when many reports come from users. Who flags your video for some reprehensible content.

Violations Are Rank Internally

Most people don’t realize that the community guideline violations rank in levels of severity. On the platform, most of them are not going to impact the health of your account long term. But certain actions are more severe and will often result in account banning.

Controversial hashtags

Controversial hashtags have also been another reason. Where they turned down your content from the public eye on TikTok.

In fact according to TikTok’s latest transparency report. Over the past few months, many hashtags were restricted in an attempt to keep the community safe and secure.

TikTok Community Guidelines

I would suggest that you should familiar with TikTok community guidelines. So that you are conscious of what and what’s not allowed on the platform. Including some weird things like faking emergencies, and impersonating others. You’re not supposed to reveal your contact information, your address, or your email address. Even repurposing copyrighted or commercialized youtube content without permission. Which is known as a copyright strike.

What If You Suspended from Live Streaming

When this happens TikTok restricts the ability to use the live stream feature for 24 hours to a week. In a few cases, it’s an indefinite ban where you don’t know when you’re gonna get it back. But, you’ll still be able to access your account and other features.

Just like standard community violations, tiktok is going to go through a procedure. They give you a reason why you ended up getting that Livestream privilege revoked.

What Can You Do To Avoid Violation

If you are a lower tier creator and you have a series of videos that do get removed or an individual video. What can you do?

There are a couple of actions you can take to get the video back up. Or at least resolve that issue in general.

Step #1: Appeal The Video

This appeal process reinstates the video back on your profile. It can last from three minutes to 24 hours depending on the video violation.

These appeals can be reinstated within the hour of appealing the video. If you’re going to appeal the video give a reason in that little text box on why the video is appropriate content.

Step #2: Delete Permanent Violations

I would encourage you to remove all content on your grid. That has not been reinstated after you’ve tried to appeal the video.

This is one of the only situations in which I do advocate for removing and deleting content. I often find that the shadowban accounts are one of the main triggers.

The reason why you should delete it. Because these prohibited videos are still present on their grid. It’s like a big ugly black mark that still exists there.

But if you’re ever hard pressed to get in contact with TikTok. here’s a list of Twitter accounts that usually end up in some kind of a reply.

TikTok Creators Support
TikTok Support

And if you ever want to contact TikTok via email. Then here are the best addresses to get in contact with one of their team members.

How To Appeal A Content Violation on TikTok

Submitting an appeal is the best way to get your videos back. If it has been removed unfairly or mistakenly.

  • First, open up your TikTok app. Then go to your profile page.
  • Go to your video section. You’ll see a community guideline violation on your removed video.
  • Now tap on the video and hit on ‘see details‘ at the bottom. At the bottom, you’ll see the option “Submit Appeal” so go ahead and tap on it.
  • It will take you to the community guideline page. So go through it.
  • From here you can submit your appeal by providing detailed information regarding the removal of your video.

How Long Does a TikTok Appeal Take

When a user submits their TikTok account for review, it can take up to 7 days for a human moderator to review it. If your account approved then the process will be complete. If it isn’t, the account review team will make suggestions on how to make your content fit within the guidelines.

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How Long Does The TikTok Shadow Ban Last, And How Do You Get Rid Of it?

Shadow Ban is a blanket term when TikTok removes videos that are seemingly unrelated to the app’s policies on inappropriate content. The TikTok Shadow Ban is a real thing that can affect your account. The TikTok shadowban can last for weeks, months, or even years at a time.

To get rid of shadowban you must delete all the videos from your account which got community guideline violations.

Final Thought

When you receive a violation or ban notification on TikTok. It’s usually because someone has spotted something in one of your videos that violates their Terms of Service.

In some cases, it might be that you have broken a rule that isn’t listed in the Terms of Service. It can be difficult to tell which is the case, so I’ve put together a guide to help you determine what’s going on. I covered what to expect when you get a violation or ban on TikTok. And I also covered how long a TikTok appeal takes.

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