How Many Reports Does It Take To Delete a TikTok Account?

How Many Reports Does It Take To Delete a TikTok Account

One of the biggest risks associated with TikTok is that it can be used to share abusive content. If you receive a report that a video is harassing, threatening, or harmful in any way, you should take action.

It’s also important to remember that TikTok is a global community. That means people from all over the world might be seeing your videos. So try to keep your content somewhat general. But can you get your TikTok account banned? Well if so, then how many reports does it take to delete a TikTok account? Let’s find out.

How many Reports does it take to Delete a TikTok Account?

The short answer is: we don’t know. Not really we have no idea how many reports you’ll need to delete an account. According to experts, it depends on how severe the offense is. Or who the target was, and the network where the incident happens. But we expect that the limit is somewhere between 2 and 3 reports.

We also know that hate speech and community violations are surefire ways to get your account banned or deleted. So if you’re thinking about reporting another user for something like that, all we can say is, “Go for it.” But if you don’t have a good reason to report someone, then please don’t do it. Because if you have no evidence of someone’s wrongdoing, then you’re just being a jerk.

Why did My TikTok Account get Deleted?

It sucks when you log in and see that your account has been deleted. Do not be alarmed this is not the end of the world. There are a few reasons why it might have happened:

1. You Violated The Terms of Service

If you were using a fake name or tagging yourself in videos that you didn’t actually take, that could do it. Make sure to review TikTok’s Terms of Service to avoid falling into this category in the future.

2. TikTok Deleted Your Account by Mistake

Sometimes, there are glitches with their system, and your account will accidentally be deleted while they work on fixing it. If this happens to you, we recommend contacting their customer support and letting them know what happened. They’ll try to fix it if they can, or at least tell you what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future.

3. You Promoted Hate Speech or Violence on TikTok

Let’s be clear about this one: TikTok does not support hate speech or violence of any kind. So if you’re posting content that promotes these things. Then you’re going against their terms of service. And they can delete your account for doing so.

That said, sometimes people don’t realize they’re promoting hate. So be extremely cautious while posting this type of sensitive content!

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How To Report a Video on TikTok?

When you open your TikTok application on your phone it has lots of unwanted videos. So if you decide to report that kind of video then follow these steps below:

  • First, open your TikTok app.
  • Then choose an unwanted video that you think is against community guidelines.
  • Press the Share icon which is below the “Comment” section.
  • At the bottom, it shows some icons but the first one is the “Report” icon so go ahead and press on it.
  • Now TikTok will ask for a valid reason to report the video. So it has a lot of categories and you can select any one of the valid reasons.
  • So once you select it, you can write additional information as well. Otherwise, click to submit your request.
  • And then it shows the confirmation message, so you can wait for a few hours. Because they verify your report request.

What Will Happen When You Report a Video on TikTok?

Once you report a video on TikTok you see a confirmation message where you have to wait for a few hours. Meanwhile, moderators receive a notification and they start reviewing the video. They also determine if the video is against the community guidelines or not. Once they go through the video it may or may not get removed. Because TikTok has a tendency where sometimes it does not validate misleading content, scams, and impersonation.

On your first violation, you will only receive a warning in the app but if it’s under a zero-tolerance policy then it’ll be an automatic ban. TikTok can also block your device so you won’t be able to create an account from the same device.

If you have received multiple violations on your account then TikTok can take certain action against you. It can lead to a temporary or permanent ban

Final Thought

Finally, there is also a chance that you can be permanently banned from TikTok if you violate its Terms of Service agreement. If you do something like showing nudity or being racist. Then they are not going to take any chances and they will ban any accounts doing those things.

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