How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership On The App?

How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership On The App

If you’ve ever considered signing up for a membership at a fitness facility or gym, you’ll know that it can be a big decision. You’ll have to weigh up the pros and cons of each facility and decide what’s best for you at the moment. But have you ever considered canceling your current membership without making a big fuss? It may seem like a big decision, but in this article, we’ll show you how to cancel a Planet Fitness membership without making a fuss.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about how to cancel your planet fitness membership plan. While planet fitness is always experiencing many sign-ups simultaneously. The industry failed to implement modern customer service practices.

The Current Status of Planet Fitness Membership Details

The lack of customer service and plans has made people switch to different fitness plans. But canceling any fitness membership will not be easy. They all share the same kind of system that puts more hurdles between you and cancellation.

Many fitness industries allow modern security implementations to enable a high-quality user experience. Planet fitness focuses on the conventional ways of cancellation rather than adding anything to it. If you are looking to cancel your membership. You will have to visit your home club or speak to any representative at the front desk to stop your id.

Can you Cancel Your Membership Online?

In short, No, you can not use an online app or website to cancel your membership with planet fitness. There is no online method to cancel your membership including email services.

If you see any website setup that promises to cancel the fitness plan. You should better avoid logging your details with the website. There is no online membership cancellation procedure available for planet fitness. Any user who wants to stop their membership must follow Planet Fitness guidelines to complete the process. The cancellation procedure must go through physical interaction with the fitness center representative. Also, you can send a letter via post.

Can You Cancel Your Membership via Phone Call?

As I mentioned above, it is not possible to cancel your Planet Fitness Membership Online. In the same way, you cannot cancel your membership through a phone call either. However, you can call them for any type of inquiry.

How to Cancel your Planet Fitness plan?

Since you won’t be able to cancel your membership through email, website, or app. You will need to know about other ways to achieve it. Membership cancellation requires you to follow two paths:

  1. You will have to visit your local club’s front desk and ask for the cancellation form. They will ask you some questions, and you may choose to answer them or not.
  2. The other way of cancellation includes writing a letter. You will have to write a letter detailing the cancellation reasons to the center. In that letter, you should mention your:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. Planet ID membership number

Planet fitness requires its members to send the mail through certified mail. And you may follow up on the mail to learn more about your application status and processing details. If you come across any website that promises to give you the feature of canceling the membership. Then it may not be authentic or genuine, and it is better to stay away from these websites.

Can You Pause Your Membership?

If you take a break from your fitness journey, you can halt your membership status rather than think about canceling the plan. You can put your account on hold and then withdraw it.

Many clubs have a policy regarding passing the membership status. You can pause your membership details for three months for medical or other reasons. The rules here will not share the same core value as others. You may encounter different policies on paying the membership status from one club to another.

You will have to visit your planet fitness and speak to someone at the front desk about the policy on pausing the membership details.

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Can you Downgrade Your Planet Fitness Membership?

The other alternative to cancellation includes downgrading your plan. If cancellation and pausing the membership status are not something you seek to do. You can think about downgrading your current project.

You will not be able to downgrade your current plan with email or an app, you will have to do it physically. Upgrading your project can be done online. But deactivating or downgrading your project requires you to be present in the center.


Deactivation or pausing the planet fitness membership plan is not possible online. If you plan to cancel your membership, you must go to the Planet Fitness center. Where you can learn more about the cancellation charges. You can check their official webpage to learn more about the working days. You can also see, canceling procedure detailing to see the duration of the entire process.

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