How To See Your Instagram Secret Admirers?

How To See Your Instagram Secret Admirers

By looking at the people who have liked your Instagram post are most likely to be interested in you. These days anyone can scroll through a user profile either a girl or a boy. It’s a common trait of this platform where people share their photos, videos, and daily lives. With billions of active users, everybody wants to be an influencer or a model. There is no doubt people want to be famous now a days. But to have all these things in mind people don’t realize that they can come across a secret fan.

To have a secret fan is cool. But if it is a stalker then things can be weird. In such a case, we don’t know what intentions they have or what they can come up with. It’s hard to be vigilant on Instagram as we all know there is no such thing which let you know your admirer or a stalker. Let’s find out if it’s possible to see your Instagram secret admirers.

What Does Secret Admirers Mean on an Instagram App?

Secret admirers is a slang term on Instagram. It refers to when a person follows another person’s account without them knowing. This act is for the sole purpose of gaining a romantic interest or as a joke.

Secret admirers are often discovered when the targeted Instagram user notices that they have a large number of followers. And those who have never commented or liked anything on their account. Sometimes, the user even receives direct messages from their secret admirer.

Can You See Your Secret Admirers On Third Party Apps?

If you start off by going into third party applications. You might see the people who view your Instagram profile and stories. But the fact is those applications aren’t real. Whatsoever they’re completely fake. Because Instagram doesn’t even give you that information. So why would they give a third party company that distinct information?

To back it up its data policy state that it only shares username, bio, profile photo, and email address to third party apps. Also, its graph API is much more restrictive.

How To See Your Instagram Secret Admirers?

Research has shown that the people who are more likely to visit your page. And who doesn’t like or comment but interacts with your page? These people are more likely to be at the top of the list in your viewed stories.

So once you upload a story the first few people you see are the ones that interact the most with your page. Either they like or comment or they don’t even do anything. Those ones you see at the top of your story views are the ones that are most likely to interact with your page. Now if you see names that don’t interact with your page normally but you see them at the top continuously. Then those people are likely to be your stalkers.

A group of people on Reddit carried out their research to find out who their secret admirers are. What they did was created a brand new Instagram account. And with that brand new Instagram account, they keep opening their friend’s profile without liking, commenting, or doing anything. They did that continuously for at least three days. So they found out that once they uploaded the story on the third day guess they were at the top of the story list.

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Final Thought

So now that we know who views your Instagram whether it’s your profile or your stories. I’ve got all the information figured out. Make sure you guys test this out for yourself. Because we can’t confirm if it’s true and Instagram would never actually confirm this information for us. But you know I might have just ruined it and your crush might know you’re stalking them.

Please make sure you tell me what you think about this. Go ahead and let me know in the comments section down below.

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