How To Repost A Reel On Instagram

How To Repost A Reel On Instagram

You all might know how to repost a reel on Instagram. But you can only share them in an Instagram story or share them with your friends in a private message. But there is a way you can repost or share Instagram Reels on your feed.

It’s not possible to repost reels on your feed as a post. But I will show you a unique trick that you can use to repost on your feed.

How to Repost Reels On Instagram Feed or Story

I like to mention that you can’t actually share or repost reels on your feed. If I tap on the airplane icon it will only give you the option to send it to a friend as a private message or add it to your story.

Also if I tap on the three dots it will show a prompt from the bottom of the screen and there is a share button. If I tap on it then it will only give me the option to share it through some application on my phone.

So how can you share or repost reels on Instagram? well, it’s pretty easy!

Screen Record Reels To Repost On Your Feed

No doubt every smartphone comes with an inbuilt screen recording feature that lets you record anything on your phone. It’s a prominent method to post any reel on your feed. You may also use a third party recording app if you don’t have access to this feature. Here’s how you can screen record the reels:

  • First, open up the IG app.
  • Then go to the reel that you want to record.
  • Next scroll down above to open the notification panel.
  • Now tap on the screen recording option then tap the red button to start it.

If you’re unable to find the option then edit the notification panel to add the recording option.

  • Once you record the reel it will go to your gallery where you can edit the reel.
  • At last, you can post this reel on your feed.

How to Repost Reels On Instagram Feed Using Igram

  • Go to the app first then choose the reels you want to post on your feed.
  • Once you open the reel tap on the three dots and then tap on the copy link.
  • After that exit from the app.
  • Now access your internet browser. You can use any browser that you want to.
  • Next, you have to type in “igram” on google and then tap on the first result.
  • Once you open the website there will be a bar that says “insert Instagram link here“.
  • Now tap and hold on to it and paste the Instagram reel link there and tap on the download button. Then give it a moment to process your request. It will only take a couple of seconds.
  • Once it’s finished you see the profile name for the Instagram real owner. Scroll down a little bit and tap on the download button. Then it will start downloading.
  • At last, go back to your Instagram and tap on the plus button. Pick whatever option you want to post as an Instagram reel or you want to post it as a regular post.

Use Third Party App To Repost Reels On Your Feed

Since it’s not everyone’s cup of tea there are a few people who would like to try some of these apps.

1. Repost: For Instagram

2. Reposta

3. Repost for Instagram #Repost

4. Repost for Instagram – Regrann

5. Reposter for Instagram: Download & Save

How to Repost Someone Else’s Post To Your Story

If you want to use somebody’s personal video like a video that has a person dancing or doing some prank. Follow these steps to repost someone else’s post:

  • Head over to your Instagram home page.
  • Then tap on the reels icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now choose the reels which you want to repost.
  • Tap on the paper airplane icon, and choose the option to ‘add reel to your story.’
  • After that go ahead and tap on share to make it public.

This way you will avoid someone reclaiming the video or asking you to take it down. Because you did get the credits to the original poster.

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Final Thoughts

So that’s how you repost or share Instagram reels on your profile feeds as a video or as an Instagram reel itself. It is quite easy and you can follow the steps above.

If you have any doubt let me know in the comment below!

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