How To See Your Old Bios On Instagram

How To See Your Old Bios On Instagram

The Instagram app is a great way to share photos, videos, and text with the people who matter most. But sometimes, you might want to check out your old Instagram posts to see what life was like before you joined the community. While you can’t access your old Instagram bios, there is a way to see what your bio looked like years ago. Let’s jump in and find out how you can see your old bios.

How To See Your Old Bios On Instagram App

  • First, go into the Instagram app.
  • Inside the app, you have to tap on your profile pic at the bottom right hand corner.
  • On your profile page, you’ll tap on the three dashes at the top right hand corner.
  • Now tap on your activity.
  • After selecting your activity you have to tap on account history.
  • From here simply scroll down and you’ll see your previous bios. It will tell you your previous bio and when you changed it.

That’s it, simply scroll along and the more you scroll the more you’ll see your previous bios.

How To See Your Old Bios On Web Browser

  • Then we’re going to navigate to our profile. To do that we’ll click on the profile icon at the upper right hand corner.
  • Now go ahead and hit on settings. This will bring up all of your settings.
  • Click on Privacy and Security.
  • Now scroll down and click on View Account Data which is underneath Account Data.
  • From there click on Former bio textsView All.” After that list of your previous bios will be shown to you.

Can I Delete My Previous Bios On Instagram?

There is no such way to delete your old bios on Instagram. However, if you want to get rid of your data you can delete your account.

But Instagram sometimes keeps a record of your account data even after you’ve deleted your account. This includes things like your bio-history and username history. Instagram usually keeps this data for a limited time. But it also reserves the right to keep it indefinitely.

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Final Thought

If you’re someone who’s been on Instagram for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some pretty crazy things about your old bio. It’s almost like someone’s taken your past and rewritten it with a few choice adjectives and adverbs. It can be a bit jarring but in a good way. It’s kind of like reading your old tweets or listening to your old interviews.

I hope this article helped you understand how you can see your old bios. If you have any doubt let me know in the comment below!

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