How To Turn Off Text To Speech In Discord

How To Turn Off Text To Speech In Discord

Have you ever been in a Discord chat and felt like someone was reading aloud a text-based conversation rather than having a conversation? If so, you’ve probably been a victim of text-to-speech (or TTS) in Discord.

This feature Text to Speech can be useful for members who are hard of hearing, but sometimes it’s just plain annoying. TTS allows a user to “read” text instead of typing it out. While TTS may seem like a helpful tool, it has become a nuisance in many Discord servers. The good news is that you can disable Text to Speech.

Disable Text-To-Speech in Discord For Specific Server

So this can be done either with your discord on any specific server or you can do it for the entire discord server.

  • Click on the drop down menu at the upper hand corner of your server.
  • Then go to server settings and now go to roles and now make sure that it’s been selected to at everyone.
  • After that scroll down and look for text to speech.
  • Toggle off “send text to speech messages.”
  • Once done click on save changes.

Now, what will happen if anybody on this server tries to use text to speech, it won’t be working. Even it won’t be working for you and the command that is slash TTS command will also not work.

Note: You must have Admin right!

But in order to make such changes on your server, you must have admin permission. Then only you can make the changes. If you do not have then you can request one from your administrator.

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Disable Text To Speech For The Entire Server

  • You have to go to your user settings
  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Then scroll down and click on text and images.
  • You will see the text to speech section.
  • Now toggle off “allow playback and usage of /ttscommand.”

Once you disable it this command will not be working for any of the discord servers. If you want to completely disable TTS text to speech then you can go with this option.

In case this option is not working for you or the TTS is still working then quickly restart your discord and it will work.

Final Thoughts

Discord’s built-in TTS is pretty good, but it isn’t perfect. What if one of your server’s users has a very thick accent or doesn’t speak English as their first language? Discord’s TTS can make it hard for the server’s other members to understand what is being said, and that’s not good for everyone. Now you can get rid of the issue by the steps mentioned above.

Let me know in the comments section below if you have any doubts!

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