What Is Discord Hypesquad? How To Join Discord Hypesquad?

What Is Discord Hypesquad

Hypesquad is one of the main community programs on discord. It’s accessible by all but a huge majority of the community doesn’t know about it. In this article, I’ll explain what is Hypesquad and how to get into it.

What Is Discord HypeSquad?

Hypesquad is a community program founded early in 2016. They had two versions of Hypesquad. An online version and an event version. People who attended events such as packs and Gamescom. And those who hosted their own events in their local communities.

Hypesquad was designed as a marketing program to allow the platform to expand. To get out there into the wider pool of gamers and the general public. The idea was that in exchange for some certain small perks. People within the Hypesquad would hype up the platform and people they meet and their friends.

The History of HypeSquad

The HypeSquad started in early 2016. Starting with three main forms to the program. HypeSquad online, HypeSquad Events Attendee, and HypeSquad Events Coordinator. To join the HypeSquad there was an age requirement of being above 16 years of age. Which was asked when you applied on the website.

All four programs received the same profile badge. However, Event attendees were awarded a shirt. Where event coordinators were given swag for their events and other features.

There were no major changes to the community program between August 2017 and August 2018. When there was a massive overhaul of the community program. But the introduction of HypeSquad houses which is an online HypeSquad.

We also saw the discontinuation of the original HypeSquad badge. Only those who are part of the OG HypeSquad obtained the new HypeSquad events badge. Where all other online batches had their badges removed.

Then we saw the introduction of the HypeSquad Brilliance, the HypeSquad Bravery, and HypeSquad Balance. All of them are obtainable in the app. Take a mini quiz to determine which house’s was suited for you.

HypeSquad houses

Along with this, we saw the abolishment of the age requirement for online HypeSquad. If they were old enough to use discord then they were fine to be in the online HypeSquad.

The Perks of Being In HypeSquad

HypeSquad doesn’t bring the perks at the same level as Discord partner or nitro. But, there are some perks with certain tiers of the program.

The HypeSquad Online tier doesn’t have any killer perks as anyone would call it. However, by being in the online tier you get access to a newsletter. You get access to exclusive house challenges and you also get your house badge on your profile.

HypeSquad Events Attendee sees higher tiers of perks alongside the online tiers which they all get as well. You get an awesome gold badge in your profile. You get a one-time swag pack including a T-shirt that has discord heart scrub written on it. Also entitled to stickers, some pins, and access to a secret event server.

HypeSquad Events Coordinator also see some high tier perk with all of those in the two previous tiers as I stated. Alongside some perks for your event services such as a vanity URL. Plus you get a super awesome swag box to give out merchandise at your events.

So that’s another thing that this could do to help those who run events and get their brand out there. Sometimes HypeSquad event members also get extra swag for helping out at events. especially those at packs or Gamescom. But, the process has changed in recent months to a different method.

Sometimes when they go to events too they used to give out a Hypesquad events badge or a Hypesquad badge. The program brings some pretty sweet perks mostly for those in the event tiers. But it’s pretty cool and I’d recommend you try and get into it. So you may be asking how do I get into that?

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How To Get Into HypeSquad?

So to get into Hypesquad online you can follow the steps here:

  • Go to your user settings.
  • Scroll down and you’ll find right above log out is the Hypesquad badge.
  • Click on the blue button which says Join Hypesquad.
  • Take the test and you answer a few questions. It determines which one of the three houses you end up in.

It’s like Harry Potter where it analyzes your personality and tries to place you in a certain house.

Once you do that and you’ve verified your email they’ll send you a newsletter. That’ll help you get a part of different events, special giveaways, and contests. You can win goodies, prizes, merch, and Discord nitro. You don’t have to pay for this it’s 100% free you have to take part and enjoy. It’s one of the outreach things that discord does to try to help build the community and advance things.

Once you’ve got all that done. Go to your profile you’ll have a little badge that shows which one of your Hypesquad houses you’re a part of. Which you can show off to the rest of the discord community.

Final Thoughts

Well, Hypesquad is a part of discord where you can become a special member without having to pay anything. Where you prove how much you love discord by promoting it. Showing your love for discord by joining it.

As a part of that, you get a cool profile badge that tells which of the three houses of Hypesquad you’re a part of. You can join in on Hypesquad challenges and you can also get the super secret newsletter. Which includes things like giveaways, contests, and much more.

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