Best Games Like Clash Of Clans For IOS And Android You Would Love To Play

Best Games Like Clash Of Clans For IOS And Android You Would Love To Play

I’m covering 10 games that are very similar to clash of clans. If you are a clash of clans player, love city builders, or love attacking cities. You may like some of these games. Well some of them are great and some of them are just straight up copies. 

10 Games Like Clash Of Clans For IOS And Android

Dystopia: Contest Of Heroes

Best Games Like Clash Of Clans For IOS And Android

The first game on today’s list is Dystopia: Contest Of Heroes. Dystonia reminds me of clash of clans because of how the gameplay looks. It’s the futuristic look and it looks like you’re in some type of an arena and the gameplay is although different. The same as you would expect in a Clash Of Clans.

When you go to the google play store there is no actual gameplay shown. The images that you see will quickly remind you of a game that you know very well which is Clash Of Clans. Notice we do have some abilities and things that we could do inside of our heroes and our troops. The gameplay giving you that feel that you’re comfortable with that feeling that is Clash of Clans. Except where you have more of a futuristic look a futuristic cover up of what clash of clans actually is. Some really cool weapons that look like they could be upgraded as well.

This is actually one of the favorites on my list; that you should probably check out. This game is available on ios and on android and probably on Bluestacks as well. 

Transformer Earth Wars

10 Games Like Clash Of Clans For IOS And Android

Next up on our list brought to us by Space Ape is Transformer: Earth Wars. Now this one comes with a really fancy trailer and if you are a fan of those classic tv shows, those classic cartoons back in the 80s you may want to play some of this Transformers game.

Definitely, it feels like Clash Of Clans; you have a bunch of heroes that you probably remember from your childhood. You can build your own headquarters, base, and then attack different bases probably your enemies. The game looks like a lot of fun especially if you love clash. The artwork does look really good and it looks really nice. and

When we get to the base layouts you’re going to have that feeling like you’re playing Clash Of Clans. You are going to build bases as you can see from the image above. In addition, You are going to be attacking bases and it’s something that you’re probably going to enjoy if you love Clash of Clans.

It’s one of the games I would suggest downloading if you just want to change something up or play in addition to Clash Of Clans. You better not stop playing clash guys these are just options in addition. Transformers Earth Wars is also available on android and ios. 

Clash Of Zombies

Clash Of Zombies

Clash Of Zombies which straight up took the word clash from the Clash Of Clans. Moreover, The game brings us zombies that are going to be attacking your village. You can see this stuff happening in the gameplay. They actually offer a little bit of gameplay which is nice to see. You can fight with your friends and deploy your troops against monsters.

The game scene just gives you that clash of clans feels. What do you guys think a clash of clans copy?

You can build and defend your base and you’re going to be competing with others as well. This even has a thor looking character. You could collect a whole bunch of heroes. Definitely a little bit of a different vibe to what we know of clash of clans.

This game doesn’t excite me like the two previous ones but it does look pretty good. I like the hero collection element of it. It’s available on android and ios so if you want to give it a try you can because it’s free. 

Plunder Pirates

Plunder Pirates

I have to tell you guys I love the artwork. It is very much like the artwork of the game knighthood which is a real-time strategy game. This one looks like a lot of fun but a little different than Clash Of Clans.

We have some really colorful artwork. I love how this is set on top of the water and your city is actually built on small islands. In addition, You have a bunch of different heroes that you can use as well. This looks exactly like knighthood because it comes from the same people that developed knighthood. You’re going to be storming beaches, taking down structures that are being built by your opponents and you have to build your own as well.

Build your private island, battle for players, discover secrets of the sea and collect legendary pirates.

Sky Clash

Sky Clash

Sky Clash is another one straight up stealing the word clash not that clash of clans owns it. When you search for a word clash this game would pop up on your phone. Since this game is similar people may try it.

It has Pretty cool artwork and the trailer looks pretty sweet. You’re going to be fighting against Zorgs and this one based in the sky. You can build your own base much like clash of clans but this game has a bit of its own spin. Fight other players; definitely hitting up the skies. Deployment is very much similar to Clash of Clans with the heroes along the bottom and a lot of similar elements to clash. I like the colors of the game nice and bright.

One thing though that I’m not a huge fan of is that it doesn’t seem to be available on ios.

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Era Of War

Era Of War

The Era Of War looks like quite the copy of Clash of clans. Does this game remind you of clash of clans?

It sure does look like Clash of clans. The giants look pretty similar and they even sound like the giants from Clash of clans. The game is not being done in English so you wouldn’t exactly comprehend what they’re saying. It is a direct copy they have just changed the troop. The barracks and dragons will give you the same vibe as Clash of Clans clone.

The archer is the same as clash but she got a haircut. A wizard seems to be a female very similar though. It also has a thor looking character who seems like a king. Era Of War seems to be a pretty close copy of clash of clans. I probably wouldn’t recommend playing this one because it’s so similar to clash. Why did not just play clash which is obviously a better game?

If you want to try it though it’s on android and ios go give it a shot. 

Ex-War Clash Of Zombies

Ex-War Clash Of Zombies

It looks like we have a little bit of a comic book feel. It mixes some comic books in it. We got some marvel and dc in there with Cash of Clans and it looks like you have Ex-War. Kinda makes sense!

You will definitely get the clash of clans vibe in this game. It has the hero implementation on the game. The X-men we can say being added to the game makes this stand out.

The war screen again a pretty much copy of what we’re doing over here in clash of clans games. What makes this one cool is that it has those heroes because without those heroes it would just be a knock-off bad version of clash of clans.

  If you want to try it, it’s available on android and ios.

Survival City Zombie Base Build And Defend

Survival City Zombie Base Build And Defend

Survival City Zombie Base Build And Defend literally tells you what to do in the title. It reminds me of the very beginning of Clash of Clans. Endure the seasons, I like that there are different seasons. You will have some weapons that you could work with your characters.

It has a day and night mode. At night the zombies come and attack and you need to defend against them. This one does have a little bit of a difference from Clash of Clans. I like the seasons and I like the day and night mode. You have to build defend and survive in the game. The game feels like a little bit of Farmville mixed with plants versus zombies mixed with Clash of Clans.

I’ll tell you what this one looks kind of fun perhaps you should give it a shot. They did a nice job on building, characters, and the artwork for the game. It looks really solid to me.

Nothing is going to take down Clash of Clans ever. We know it’s going to be the strongest city builder game out there for eternity. In addition, you will have some other options like this game.

Battle For The Galaxy LE

Battle For The Galaxy LE

This game is probably the most different on the list from Clash of Clans although it does have some similar elements. You get to build up your army and your mechs that is kind of cool. It is like a mech based game. You can get some cool weapons to annihilate your enemies which is always fun and you also have your defenses to upgrade.

Notice that we do get that clash of clans feel from the game. Of course, it’s a base builder game that you’re going to enjoy.

This one is only available on android but you could again try on ios you never know if you’ll have a lucky day. This one is not exciting not as much as some of the others we’ve got on our list.

Game Of Trenches

Game Of Trenches

The last one on the list is the game of trenches. Like many other strategies games, you’re going to be starting out with your own city. In the game of trenches with your city, you need to build up resource development centers. You can build your city a little bit differently than Clash Of Clans. The game feels a little bit like Clash Of Clans and The Sims.

It shows much epic world war one combat, online real-time strategy battles, wage war, or forge alliances.

Game of trenches, this one’s available on android.

Final Thought

Of course! there is a lot more Clash of Clans clones out there. I just wanted to look at some of the most relevant and obvious ones. I mean there are many ways to make a game like Clash of Clans and not seem so obvious about it.

Most of the game has new features, different style gameplay, and has unique ideas. These games were just not that bad. You can give it a shot at these Games which are Like Clash Of Clans.

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