Best Games Similar To Skyrim You Love To Play

Step out of the barriers with these ten games if you love Skyrim. You know the feeling when you only remember what star sign you are in Tamriel. When the days and Skyrim become more important than those happening outside. The first step is admitting that maybe you need to step away from the Elder Scrolls. The second step is playing a load of other similar games and that’s where this list comes in. Ten titles to gently ease you into something new.

Best 10 Games Similar To Skyrim You Love To Play

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Have you ever wondered why after months of sweating away killing dad, no one in Skyrim ever mentions how much you smell? well, good news. In Kingdom Come Deliverance if you go for a few days without washing yourself then people will happily tell you how much you stink. That’s just one element of the realism that runs through the core of the game.

You start as a true nobody, a blacksmith’s son who can barely swing a sword. But through hours of training and practice. You’ll gradually be able to fight in a way that makes Geralt of Rivia look like an old man waving an umbrella.

You will not be slaying any dragons during the first hour of playing. Every victory has to be earned and perhaps more pertinently there aren’t any dragons to slay. The land of Bohemia is grounded in real and based on historical locations. If you prefer working your way to a greater destiny rather than just starting the game. Then Kingdom Come Deliverance has a moderately filthy bathing tub with your name on it.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

If the realism of Kingdom Come makes you shiver however then why not try Kingdoms of Amalur? A game where you’re sure from the word goes that this is not real life. That is no sort of giving it away, also you’re dead at the beginning. Thankfully it’s not long before you come back to life and the warrior rogue is now ready to fight his way out of the fly-infested body dump.

The Fair land is bright and beautiful with glowing mushrooms and classic folkloric creatures such as brownies, boggarts, and sprites. Just like the nordic RPG, there’s plenty of space to explore and get distracted by side quests. We forget the time and suddenly realize it’s 5:00 a.m. both in-game and out. That’s how this game feels like.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

If you really can’t let the dragon thing go then you’ll love Dragon’s Dogma. It starts with a mythical beast plucking out your heart and eating it. That leaves you with a small quest of stopping the dragon and the apocalypse. All without one of your vital organs. While we all love a good companion to help us on our dragon-orientated journeys Lydia can wear on your nerves.

The pawns in Dragon’s Dogma are there to help you out in every way possible. They can help by healing you in battle and distracting and taking down foes, or shouting helpful hints such as what creatures are vulnerable. They even tell you when to stock up on supplies. This is especially useful as you’ll be facing some big mythical foes such as hydras ogres and lion goat snake chimeras. I mean how does that even happen biologically? Probably best not to think about it either way it pays to have help.


If you want to see the Nordic countryside from a different perspective try Northgard. In this real-time strategy game, you start with a humble Town Hall and quickly grow your village into something more impressive. At first, you’ll be focusing on survival but soon wolves, undead and rival clans will start attacking your camp. So you’ll need to plan.

Unlike the ease of trekking through snowy forests and mountains; Skyrim winter will come in full force affecting everything you do from fighting to collecting food.

While it’s not an RPG like Skyrim. Northgard has plenty of charm and a distinctive snowy setting. Even the most dedicated Dragonborn will find something to love. If heading straight into the wilderness seems a little too much to handle. Then you can also play through the story mode where you have a bit more guidance. Although it won’t stop you from being ravaged by the elements and monsters. 

Elder Scrolls Online

If you’ve completed the main quest ten times and tracked down every Easter egg. Or explored every corner of the map and it’s still not enough Skyrim don’t worry it doesn’t have to be. In Elder Scrolls Online you can consume even more law through a vast open world.

Is it a book of only four pages? My book club doesn’t think so. 

If you explore further you’ll uncover the whole world of Tamriel with a map many times the size of Skyrim. Luckily you’re not on your own, it’s an MMO after all. You can expect help from other players when a monster descends. Adding a layer of camaraderie but bringing down a dragon with Lydia at your side can’t compete with it.

Immerse yourself more profound than ever before and rediscover your love for wandering around various towns, forests, and dungeons. You even begin the game as a prisoner starting as every eldest girl should. So there’s just enough familiarity to make this expansive, often daunting experience feel relatable. 

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The Outer Worlds

Put down your bow and arrow pick up a shrink-ray and head to the outer worlds. Split between townships and open wilderness The Outer World still has tons of exploration. It’s more pop sci-fi wonderland than medieval sprawl. Suppose you spend your time in Skyrim getting to know the locals and not following your Dragon born destiny. Then you’ll love the wonderful selection of side quests and people to chat with.

Companions aren’t just people you bring along to carry your piles of magical weapons and potions either. They have their own stories and problems and there’s a chance you can help them out and become real friends. 

Legend Of Grimrock

If you love delving into Skyrim berries and fighting draaga with a companion at your side. Then you’ll also love Legend of Grimrock because it provides all that and more.

You and a bunch of other unqualified criminals are thrown into the core of a mountain with a chance to escape if you fight your way to freedom.

While you may start out throwing rocks to defeat foes. But you’ll gradually find more powerful weapons and spells to aid your journey. Exploration of the labyrinthine dungeon is rewarded with essential survival items such as a ragged loincloth or morsel of baked maggot. Every corner reveals something new; be it a throwing knife or a new monster. So whether you’re munching on snail meat to survive or fighting off the undead. There’s plenty of fun to be had in the pits of the Legend of Grimrock. 


Maybe what you love most about Skyrim is being surrounded by the icecap peaks of a Viking world. If so look no further Jotun is a masterpiece of Nordic law and snowy Tundras. In this indie action adventure, you take on the role of a Viking woman traversing the afterlife in the hopes of impressing the gods to grant her entry to Valhalla. You meet giants, discover tales of old gods, and enjoy a story on a sweeping scale.

As well as exploring the beautiful world that features everything from the tree of life to thinking swamps. You’ll be blown away by boss battles that put all you’ve learned to the test. Although it’s not the same, anyone who enjoyed the world of Skyrim will adore getting lost in Jotun.

Hell Blade

If you love Vikings and the games that drop you into a hell’s gate with absolutely no clues then you’re going to love Hell Blade too. Forget having had a bar of the Storm cloaks or rail off of the Imperials to guide you. Instead, you’ll have a chorus of frantic confusing, and hurtful whispers as you try to make your way through each section of this magnificently dark world.

Because of this feature, Hell Blade gives you the best experience with headphones and the core story sends you into psychosis. Enemies will appear and disappear as you try to attack. The world will change around you and the never ending voices will always be there. It makes this truly confusing, interesting, and at times frightening.

If you’re bored of hacking and slashing your way through Skyrim with Dragons. Then Hell Blade makes the Sinister and a refreshing change. 

The Witcher 3

Skyrim is a sprawling interactive sandbox whereas The Witcher 3 is more characterful. It focuses on the intertwining fates of established characters. Whereas Skyrim makes you choose between two powerful factions. The Witcher 3 instead surrounds you with crumbling fiefdom and lets you experience their fortunes from a detached point of view. Both games let you make choices in different ways. Skyrim lets you complete missions and myriad ways. The Witcher 3 sense of freedom comes from moral decision-making which yes; it’s easy to get wrong. They’re both incredible in different ways. If you love this sort of setting; you owe it to yourself to play both. 

Final Thought

So there you are 10 games to play if you’re taking a break from the Elder Scrolls. Remember it’s ok if you relapse to playing Skyrim just one more time. These games will be ready and waiting when you’re ready to step away. Let us know if any games drag you away from Skyrim for a few minutes. 

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