How To Change The Speed Of A Slideshow On TikTok?

How To Change The Speed Of A Slideshow On TikTok

Have you ever wanted to change the speed of a slideshow on TikTok? If yes then you’re at the right place. The speed of a slideshow is automatically adjusted based on the video length. But you can also change the speed of a slideshow to your liking. You can choose how long each slide will be and then adjust the speed of the slideshow accordingly.

Typically how you would create a slideshow is you would select the length of the video and that will determine the speed. So if you want to get the faster speed you can select 15 seconds. But, you can’t change the speed of a video through the official TikTok app.

How To Speed Up Pictures On TikTok

To speed up pictures on TikTok make sure your app is up to date. If you haven’t updated then I would recommend you to update from the app store.

  • Open your TikTok application.
  • Then tap on the plus sign at the bottom.
  • Next, go ahead and tap on the templates at the bottom. Here you can select different templates on TikTok.
  • One of the best templates is Music Beats which you can select for your slideshow.
  • Once you’ve selected your template, add your photos from the gallery. Then you have to tap on ok. And wait for the photos to process.

That’s it, you’ll get a smooth transition in your video without any editor.

Change The Speed Of A Slideshow Through CapCut

I’m going to show you a way that you can create a slideshow that you can post on TikTok. And you can select any speed that you would like. To do this we’re going to use an app called CapCut.

  • First, go to the play store and install CapCut.
  • Next, open up your application.
  • Once you open up Capcut go ahead and tap on the new project at the top.
  • Go to the Photos tab and then select your photos.
  • Once you’ve selected your photos tap on add at the bottom right hand corner. This will bring all the photos into a timeline at the bottom.
  •  You can change the speed of these clips by just tapping on the specific clip that you want.
  • Then you can see two white bars on each side of the clip. You can just move that to the left or shorten it to change the speed of it.

You want to make sure that they’re the same length to make your slideshow nice and effective. This will essentially give you a slideshow with much faster moving pictures.

If you want to get rid of the Capcut watermark at the ending. Then tap on it and then you can hit the trash can icon at the bottom right hand corner. And you’ll no longer see the Capcut watermark on your slideshow.

After doing this, you can export your slideshow from CapCut and then upload it on TikTok.

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How To Add Pictures On TikTok Video Without Slideshow

  • Open your TikTok mobile application.
  • Click on the plus icon on the main menu.
  • Click on the effects and here you will see an icon of a green photo gallery.
  • Go ahead and tap on it to add a picture.
  • Your gallery will also open here. Select any picture from your gallery and upload it. And this is the way you can add pictures to your TikTok videos.

Final Thought

You can control the speed of a slideshow through a video editor. This means you can set the speed of each video to the speed you want, rather than having to settle for a pre-made slideshow. The best thing? It’s super easy to do. You can follow the steps to change the speed of a slideshow through CapCut which I mentioned above.

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