How To Get Rid Of Bats In Minecraft?

How To Get Rid Of Bats In Minecraft?

If you are new to Minecraft, you will encounter tons of bats at some points. But do bats attack you? Well, bats are pretty harmless creatures and they do not really attack you. However, they can be so annoying sometimes that you want to get rid of them. In this article, you will learn how to get rid of bats from disturbing you in Minecraft.

Where Can I Find Bats In Minecraft?

If you are just beginning in playing Minecraft, you might be wondering where bats live. These little black and sometimes annoying creatures usually fly around the places. They sometimes hang on top of something. You may also find some of the bats flying in the overworld. You’ll find most of the bats in dark areas.

Bats are a nuisance for most people. They don’t serve any value in the game other than making you want to get rid of them. You can’t stand their shrill squeaks or be around them. However, bats sometimes make you feel a little less lonely and a bit more annoyed when you are mining in a cave alone.

You will learn various methods you can try to remove bats out of your sight, so you can enjoy the bats free experience in Minecraft.

How To Get Rid Of Bats In Minecraft?

To Get Rid Of Bats, Use Bright Lighting

In Minecraft, if you use lighting tools, they can repel bats. Bats are known to be around places with minimum to no light. To scare bats away, use lighting with level 7 or above. By using bright light, you will make them go away permanently as long as there are still lights around. A lighting source is the best solution to repel bats. Use torches to brighten the area so the bats don’t come near you.

Interrupt Them!

Bats are known to be passive and like to make squeaking sound a lot! If you observe them carefully, you’ll notice that they mostly prefer to fly in the east direction than in other directions. If you interrupt them, they will get uncomfortable and leave you alone.

Bats also love to hang upside down. Interrupt them while they’re in that position to get rid of them. Use solid blocks to stop them from flying in ceilings. Bats are usually spawn in groups. You need to interrupt them from joining the bat groups.

Avoid Them If You Can

Bats usually get spawned whenever you come near them. But they are more likely to despawn after you leave them alone. Bats are harmless so you can just move away from them as far as you can to prevent them from appearing from time to time. Next time when you see them, just leave them alone. Use bright tools to prevent them from coming closer to you.

Kill The Bats

Bats are very weak mobs and they die easily when you attack them using weapons and tools in Minecraft. Once you find them, you can use weapons to kill them. It will take time to kill them all since their numbers are huge. Killing them can also be a little bit harder since their sizes are small. So, only kill them when you have no other choices left.

Kill Bats With One Command

At last, one easy way to kill bats is by using a single command and you will get rid of them. To activate the command you need to type a code in a chat window. To eliminate bats in an instant type “/kill @e[type=Bat]” and these bats will no longer bother you. But this method comes with a disadvantage. If you use a cheat code you will not get any achievements during that session. Keep in mind before you apply this command.

Why Do Bats Keep Coming Into My House in Minecraft?

You often encounter bats in the dark area of your house because they spawn in dark areas. Even if you activate a cheat code to kill them they will spawn again. The command will kill the bats that exist at the time it won’t kill the bats who spawn afterward. To fix this use a command block and attach the command block to a clock. After that, no bats will spawn they will be eliminated on the spot.

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Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get rid of bats in Minecraft just follow along with one of my tricks and you’re good to go. I hope bats will no longer bother you in the game. If you have doubts or want to share another trick then feel free to drop a comment below.

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