How To Unhide Posts On Reddit

How To Unhide Posts On Reddit

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve been using Reddit for a while and are pretty familiar with the basics. The Reddit community is a place for people to exchange thoughts and ideas, and build communities together. Each subreddit is a community within Reddit where users can discuss topics of interest in the form of text, links, and images. Whether you’re looking for advice, opinions, or a place to discuss your interests and passions, there’s a place for you on Reddit.

But there is one thing you can control. You can hide content that you don’t like or don’t fascinate you. The question is will I be able to access those hidden posts in the future? Yes, you can. The good news is that you can unhide content on Reddit in simple steps.

How To Hide Posts On Reddit

How To Hide Posts On PC

  • Go to Reddit.
  • On your homepage choose a post that you are not interested in.
  • At the bottom of the post click on three dots.
  • To hide the post go ahead and click on ‘Hide.’

How To Hide Posts On Mobile App

  • The first thing we do is go to Reddit.
  • On your homepage choose a post that you want to hide.
  • Tap on in the right hand corner at the three dots.
  • Now you have the option to hide the post.
  • At last tap on ‘Hide Post‘ and that’s it, the post is hidden!

How To Unhide Posts On Reddit

Unhide Posts On PC

  • On your homepage click on your profile icon in the upper right hand corner.
  • Now click on Profile.
  • Next head over to the Hidden tab you find below the search bar.
  • Choose your hidden and click on unhide.

Unhide Posts On Mobile App

  • Open up your Reddit app.
  • Then tap on your profile icon in the upper left hand corner.
  • Now go ahead and tap on history.
  • Under history, you have to tap on recent and then tap on hidden.
  • At last, tap on three dots in the upper right hand corner of the post. And then tap on ‘Unhide post.’

Can others see my hidden posts on Reddit?

If you’ve logged in to your Reddit account and hidden a post then it won’t come up on your feed. But other people can still view the same post that was hidden. If you don’t like a post that you think violates community standards then make sure to report it to Reddit. Once the content has been deleted due to Community Standards Violations then no one can see the post.

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Final Thoughts

It is pretty easy to unhide the post on Reddit. All you have to do is follow the steps above. And you’re good to go.

I hope this article helps you understand how to Unhide posts on Reddit. If you have any let me know in the comment below!

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