How to Leave Snapchat Group?

How to Leave Snapchat Group?

As we all know the initial days of any group are captivating. People show their interest and engage with every group member in the chat. They share memes or plan a group meeting outside and do many more things. But when the days pass by every member stop showing interest in it. Or maybe every individual is busy and doesn’t even have time to participate. That’s when you can plan to leave a group.

But if you have a group of close friends then it’s difficult to leave the same group. If you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by leaving it. Then just ignore the group chats and stop sending messages. So you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of being the one who leaves.

However, if you have made up your mind about leaving your group then I’ll show you how you can do that without anyone knowing.

How to Leave Snapchat Group In General?

If a particular group doesn’t fascinate you and you probably want to leave the group then here’s how you can do it:

  • The first thing to do is open your Snapchat app.
  • Then at the bottom of your screen go find the Chat icon and click on that.
  • Right here you’re going to find your group chat that you actually want to leave.
  • To leave the group tap and hold on to the group and then tap on the “More” option. Now at the top tap on “Leave Group.”

That’s it!

Will others Know If I Quit a Snapchat group?

It is not necessary that people will get notifications when you leave the Snapchat group. But it will let others know that you left the group. Because when you leave the group a small text will be visible on the group chat and all the group members can see it.

That is not all it deletes all the chat and snaps from the group. If anyone didn’t see the message then the person will know.

How to Leave The Group Without Anyone Know?

When you’re in a group chat and you decide to leave, it can be hard to find the right time and way to do it. You don’t want them to feel like they’ve been kicked out or left behind. If you’re in a super close group then you don’t want your decision to have any negative impact on the other people in the group.

Sometimes you just know what’s right for you and don’t care about how it makes others feel. If you have finally decided to leave a group and don’t want to notify anyone then here’s how you can do it.

  • First, block all members of your group. You can do this through group info.
  • From there select any user and then long press on the username.
  • From the options list, tap on “More” and then block.
  • Repeat the same process with other members of the group.
  • Now tap and hold on to the group conversation and hit on “More” from the menu.
  • Then hit “Leave Group.”
  • This won’t send any notifications to any of your group members.

However, make sure to unblock them after you leave the group, otherwise, this could create unnecessary suspicion.

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What Happens When You Quit a Snapchat Group?

When you join a group, you automatically become a part of every conversation. Group chat messages appear in your phone via notification, just like any other chat. From there, you can respond as you normally would. But when you leave a group its story comes to an end.

Once you leave the group you’ll no longer have access to group chats and snaps. Other fellow members can see on a group chat that you left the group. If you have a group of close friends then you may be questionable to them why you left the group. Also, other Group members won’t be able to see your Bitmoji and name.

Final Thought

Leaving a Snapchat group can sometimes hurt others’ feelings but this way they won’t even come to know that you have left the group.

Hope you find this article informative. If you do so then share it across the internet with your friends and family. Also, drop a comment if you have any doubts about this blog post.

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