How to Unfollow a Hashtag on Instagram?

How to Unfollow a Hashtag on Instagram?

Instagram has a lot of features for user engagement. One of its hashtag features allows you to follow topics as per your interest. There are several hashtags you can follow and personalize your own feed. So you will never miss the content and stay ahead.

However following a hashtag is quite simple you can search for any hashtag and follow them. There are few chances where you encounter some misleading content under a specific hashtag. You certainly want to unfollow the hashtag to stop receiving any content from it. So I’ll cover some things about hashtags and how you can unfollow them. Let’s jump in.

What are Hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags are those little # signs that appear below your Instagram post in the caption section. They allow you to see the content related to a specific topic, like #sneakers for sneaker photos. They also allow users to tag other people in their posts, like “#myfriend” or “#me”. The hashtag segregates your content and puts them into a group that everyone can see.

Once you’ve decided whether a hashtag is worth following, the next thing to think about is if it’s “safe” to follow. In the coming years if you don’t want to stick with a particular hashtag then you can unfollow it.

How to Follow Hashtags on Instagram?

You can follow hashtags on Instagram with a few simple steps:

  • To follow a hashtag, open the app, then visit the search section. Or tap the magnifying glass icon in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.
  • Type the hashtag into the search bar, and then hit Enter.
  • Now choose your hashtag tap on it and hit follow. You’ll be able to see all of your notifications (like posts, images, videos, etc) from that hashtag.

Instagram Hashtag Follow Limit

Officially Instagram doesn’t limit the number of hashtags you can follow on the app. Where you can follow any number of hashtags. However, you can use up to 30 hashtags on each of your posts. This is a good way to keep your Instagram feed clean and organized.

How to Unfollow a Hashtag on Instagram?

Have trouble unfollowing a hashtag? Don’t worry about it. You can unfollow hashtags by following these simple steps:

  • First, open your Instagram app.
  • Then go to your profile and tap on “Following.”
  • Tap on “Hashtags” from your list. From there, you’ll have options for unfollowing hashtags.
  • Choose the hashtags you want to unfollow. Then tap on “following” and hit Unfollow.

Why Can’t I Unfollow a Hashtag On Instagram?

If you’re frustrated with unrelated content from a specific hashtag and don’t want to follow it. Then you can simply unfollow them. It’s easy to unfollow hashtags and you have to make a few taps for that. It is possible that you may encounter a few problems where you can’t unfollow some hashtags. Obviously for several reasons. Here are some reasons why you’re not able to unfollow the hashtag:

  • Since every action counts, you may have reached the unfollow limit and your account has been temporarily blocked from taking that action.
  • If your device has a network problem or poor internet connection then you probably face this issue.
  • The app has a bug or it glitches in itself which cause the issue.
  • The hashtag you were following is not available on Instagram. It’s deleted or blocked.

How To See What Hashtags You Follow On Instagram?

  • First, open up your Instagram app.
  • Now you can use your account to see your hashtag that you follow. You can also use your friends or one of your family member account.
  • Open your friends account and then search for your account. Once you search for your account tap on it to go to your profile.
  • Next tap on following and then you will see hashtags. Then tap on it and here you will see all of the hashtags you follow on Instagram.

Why Instagram Hashtags Stopped Working?

If You Do Certain Activity Too Much

When you follow a hashtag on Instagram it shows you all the photos and videos that have in a hashtag. This way you can follow the activity happening around a particular topic. But Instagram can block you from following a hashtag if it detects that you are doing it too much. This means If you are doing any particular activity fast. Like following, unfollowing, or even liking a lot of pics in a short period of time. Then Instagram blocks some actions for some time to prevent it.

Hashtags Could be Permanently or Temporarily Banned

But every now and then, you might come across a hashtag that is either permanently or temporarily banned on Instagram. This means even though you can follow the hashtag. Instagram will show you only the top photos and videos under a specific hashtag. It won’t show new posts if someone searches for the same Hashtag.

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Final Thought

So this is how you can unfollow a hashtag on Instagram. If you went through our guide, you could follow or unfollow a particular hashtag on your Insta account.

Also, do check our other blogs as we keep posting answers to such tech-informational queries. So, who knows, you might find an answer to another one of your queries right in our other blogs.

Stay Tuned!

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